Reality and Fantasy Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 10, 2018, Israel

When we hear the term "Reality Training" we imagine and are shown photos of people covered in mud crawling through tough terrain, or covered with blood fighting each other. We see people being pushed to their physical and mental limits and we imagine this as the ultimate training and the most realistic training. 

But it is not, not at all.

In fact it is Fantasy training. 

This training is for office workers or computer experts who want to feel a little excitement, so they sign up for these boot camps and weekend warrior training. They train hard, push themselves to the limit and go back to their regular lives.

It is a Fantasy Weekend, nothing more.

The reality is much more mundane, ordinary, no fireworks, no drama. True reality training is what we will actually feel and experience in a real life violent encounter. Reality is we are suddenly confronted with a knife or a gun on the street. We are wearing the wrong clothing for this, the wrong shoes. The entire encounter will last only a brief moment. This will not be a scene out of an Jean Claude Van Damme movie. It will not involve thirty seven moves.

The reality is  you will be nervous, your body will react in ways you do not want. You will lose your ability to use fine motor skills. Grabbing, use of fingers, wrist locks are all OUT. You will never be able to use them.

ONLY gross motor moves give you a chance for survival. You will most likely get hurt to some extent. Our goal is not perfection. This is real life, not a movie.

Sadly most of us cannot distinguish between movie martial arts and real life self defense. We suffer from a blindness that was described perfectly by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato in his classic, "Path of the Just". We suffer from a blindness that not only prevents us from seeing the truth but confuses between truth and fantasy. We see a man and think it is a tree, we see a tree and say Good Evening, thinking it is a man. We are so blind we cannot see the difference.

The Fantasy "Reality" training make for great videos, people sweating, giving it their all, nearly dropping from exhaustion, but this is not our reality. Our reality is ...look in the mirror, a frightened surprised mortal just trying to get home safely, that is you, and me. Expect nothing more.

And this is who our training is designed for. That is why from the beginning we have called our site, "Your Krav Maga", it is designed for you, the ordinary, weak person, not the character in the movies, not the superhero in your dreams, but just you, that ordinary person you meet every day when you look in the mirror. It is for you that our style was created, so you can live your life.

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