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September 18, 2022, Morelia, Michoacán - Santiago de Queretaro, QuerĂ©taro, Mexico

Violence happens faster than we realize. Most, or all, martial arts techniques will and have failed when attempted in real life violent encounters. Buyer beware. 

Sitting in my hotel, drinking coffee in the lobby, people pass by. Everyone of them wishes me buenas noches, (good evening) the Mexican people are a kind and friendly people. I have truly come to like them and admire them in many ways. Sadly, there is also a strong criminal element that often makes life very challenging for the good and honest hard working people. 

I have developed many friendships here that I truly value. I still struggle with the Spanish language but I am able to communicate, and despite the challenges, I am able to understand.  I listen to the stories, I hear the fear, the tragic stories and the personal triumphs. 

I have heard some horrifying stories over the years including knife attacks, kidnapping and attempted rape. I have heard stories about people having to leave their homes in the middle of the night out of fear of the cartels, leaving everything behind but the clothing on their backs and a few items. I have heard stories about people who lost everything and had to start from scratch. 

I have heard a story about a young mother in the back seat of her family's truck, when a cartel member rode up on a motor cycle and executed her mother while she was in the back protecting her baby. Where professional therapy did not succeed, our Krav Maga training has restored this woman to strong mental health. She is currently a high ranking belt in our system, training on a regular basis with great devotion and dedication, more importantly she is an empowered woman, mother and wife. 

I have also heard two stories this week of past seminar participants using our gun defense technique to disarm a gun threat. In one case a bullet was actually fired but the shot was off-line as the technique was done correctly. 

Thus I have seen how our training both helps physically and spiritually, to defend against violent attacks and to help recover from personal trauma. 

We continue, the work is never done. 

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