Recognize the Problem
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 14, 2016, Israel

We have a problem and we have solutions. But we have a bigger problem, we refuse to see.

They say the first step is always to recognize the problem. But we are too busy. I do believe there has actually been an improvement in recent times. Social media has reached places that regular news does not. More people are aware of the atrocities being committed around the world, more people are aware of animal cruelty, of what really happens in the fur industry. More fraud and lies are being uncovered.

And yet, on crucial issues, most people still refuse to act.

We have a problem, violence. Yes, we have military forces, and yes we have a police force but no they cannot protect you every minute of every day wherever you are. You must protect yourself.

This lesson is as old as time itself. Survival: self-protection, is a basic human instinct and need. And yet in our own times we have accepted fate. Or we just ignore the situation.

We spend thousands of dollars to prepare our daughters for college entrance exams but do we prepare her to defend against other unwanted entries to her own body and soul?

We take our kids to the doctor for regular checkups, we worry about every little hiccup or sneeze, but what about being beaten up by the school bully or attacked by a pedophile on the way home from school?

We spend great sums of money to make sure our cars are safe but what about our bodies?

Are we the human weapon or the next victim?

IKI Krav Maga was designed to provide self defense solutions for the "common person". Not everyone is super talented, not everyone has years to devote to training. So we focus on easy solutions using your body's natural defensive instincts. But we must first recognize the problem.

I know too many Krav Maga instructors who traded in their integrity for commercial martial arts programs. Who can blame them? We all need to make a living, self-preservation.

Krav Maga is here to help people stand up for themselves, to fight back if need be, but what can we do when everyone is "too busy"? What can we do when intelligent people chose to ignore the issue?

The first step is to recognize the problem. People shout out loud "America is the greatest country in the world" but they do not stop to think that this is no longer true, that our freedoms have been eroded, the economy is collapsing and crime is increasing. Europe too is in great danger. You and you alone are responsible for your well-being, but are you taking the necessary steps? Is your family training in self defense?

Are your children safe?

Ask yourself these questions:

What would you do if someone randomly pulled you out of your car and put a gun to your head?

What would you do if someone pulled out your child from the car and put a gun to his head?

What would you do if as you were walking out of a restaurant someone put a knife to your throat?

If you have good answers to all these questions your name must be Superman, Batman or Harry Potter, nice to meet you.

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