Reducing Decisions
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 11, Bidvest lounge, Tambo airport, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Business lounges are a great place to relax, observe people and, think about business. 

There are many kinds of people here, some you have to wonder how they got here, perhaps they have a PHD, i.e. Papa has dough (money). Others are on the phone trying to resolve a business issue or make a sale, talking right up to the last minute. Others are just trying to relax after, or before, an important business trip.

For me it is a time to reflect. 

In our Jewish tradition we believe in giving credit were credit is due. So I pick up a copy of "Brainstorm" and look through the articles; Michael Jordaan backing technology, nope not the American basketball player and I did not misspell the name. Ghana's Startups, hmm, interesting. And then a quote catches my eye, "We've reduced the number of decisions a customer has to make from 87 to 12." (Peter Castleden, Indiefin)

The article was about insurance issues in South Africa, I will leave that for now. But the quote is relevant to our Krav Maga self defense approach. 

Often people ask me what is the difference between our style, IKI Krav Maga, and the "others". This awkward question often comes at dinner or over coffee and is difficult to answer. I tell them the answer takes a long time to explain fully and you really need to have some experience to understand. I offer a short version but it is really missing the full picture. Of course we all claim that our systems are more effective etc. That is not a convincing explanation for a novice.

The quote above, offers some important insights. Over the years I have studied, trained in, and taught many martial arts systems. I have respect for them all and have gained from them all. However when it comes to saving your life respect is not enough, you need what works best. Most systems are too complex, require too much training, require too much speed and agility and precise movements. Those requirements make the system a death trap. I believe many instructors are putting people in great and grave danger. 

When I look at the difference between our style and others that issue of the decision making is a key point: with us, fewer decisions are required before action is to be taken. As the businessman said, we reduce the number of decisions required. 

We do this by streamlining techniques and reducing self defense to a few key concepts and a limited number of techniques that can be applied and adapted to a nearly infinite number of situations. 

There are less techniques, there are less movements, many simple ideas can be applied to a wide variety of situations, and that means less decisions that you, the practitioner, need to make when your life is on the line.

This also makes our system easier to teach. If you are interested in joining our team of devoted instructors please contact us below.

Teaching the devoted students of FH Havinga at Kempton Park, South Africa.

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