Refusal to Train

December 29, 2023, Israel

I Just completed a brief seminar with a group of American and Canadian Jewish students. Years ago I taught on college campuses across the USA and Canada, but that was long ago and these days I train martial artists, police and military. I was asked to train a group of visiting students. The word "Action" is part of the group name, but it seems that for some people action is limited to sitting comfortably and listening to lectures. 

It is no secret that Jewish students are the new target on North American campuses. Attack a different ethnic group and you will be publicly lynched. But Jews are fair target, even calling for genocide is tolerated as long as it is in the "correct context". (for the life of me I can't figure out what context is OK for genocide, but then again, I am not a Harvard, Yale, or Princeton student, just a graduate of a public college).

I saw a video of this group; they are the elite, they are BEST. These are college students who chose to spend part of their Winter Break in Israel, learning about the conflict, helping out with all sorts of projects and hearing testimony from those attacked in the south. These are the elite of the Jewish youth. They are spending their vacation in Israel, under difficult circumstances while their fellow students are out doing Girls Gone Wild in Cancun. These are good kids. And yet...

The previous lecture ran a little overtime due to Questions and Answers. I was only allocated 2 hours and fifteen minutes, which is apparently considered the longest session they have. I am told that kids these days have a short attention span. So we started late, and took a while to get them organized to get started. 

In the wonderful video about them I saw very articulate young people explaining their situation on campus. They are afraid to walk home alone from the Jewish House or Kosher kitchen. They arrange WhatsApp groups so that they can walk in large groups. They understand the danger. They know they are targets, and I am here to help them. 

When I said, Please let's get started, we barely have 2 hours at our disposal, a girl in the front looks at me in shock, "TWO hours!!" Yes, I said, I have two hours to help save your life

Another girl pointed out that they have an armed security guard with them; one pistol to defend a group of 30 students. I said, "Listen, I just walked into your hotel carrying a duffel bag with 15 training guns and 15 training knives. I walked right in, no one stopped me, no one questioned me, and we are in the very center of Jerusalem. What if I were an Arab and these were real weapons? What if I were a terrorist and now I will distribute these weapons to the Arab cleaning staff in the hotel, what would happen to you? Do you really think someone will protect you?  You must be your first line of defense when attacked, you must be your last line of defense when the military and police have failed you. You just heard a speaker lecture about the events of October 7, 2023, did you not hear what he was saying? It was well-trained individuals who saved the day, people who took time to train. I am here to train you."

A few stayed until they end. Some sat down after half an hour and towards the end most drifted away before the lesson was officially over. Some actually came in with their breakfast that they had not managed to finish before their first lecture at the ungodly hour of 9 am. And it makes me does.

I had to try and convince of them of the need to train. But people are naturally lazy. To sit and listen to a lecture for 45 minutes in the comfort of a hotel is nice and easy. To actually train, well, that is another story. I tried my best with those willing to work with me. For the rest, may God watch over you, but you know...God helps those who help themselves. 

I praise these kids, young adults, for caring about their heritage, I praise them for standing up for their beliefs in the face of the hatred in the USA and Canada. One girl is studying at Concordia, Canada, and she said the situation is simply horrendous. I praise them for coming to Israel to learn the truth about the situation. I only wish they would understand that they must learn to defend themselvs. I tried. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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