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By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 2, 2014

BNA - Houston, Flight 4617

Coffee served

The number of my flight is amazingly close to a very important number in my life. Sometimes we like to read things into this; mystical meanings, messages from above, something to make sense of this amazing coincidence.

Everyone enjoys the Chinese fortune cookies. They have no real taste but they offer something mystical, a hint of the ancient Chinese wisdom.

They contain "lucky numbers" and vague messages. We try to read meaning into them, we like to feel that truly this is not a matter of chance but that a real message is being conveyed to us in a mysterious way. We desperately try to make the message relevant to our daily life and our current situation. We try and make the message "fit" .

But Krav Maga should not be this way. No, not at all.

When we learn a Krav Maga technique we should not be "trying" to see its relevance. We should not have to "try" and "apply" it in some way to our daily situation. It should be an immediate response to our current needs. It should be a simple solution to a current problem.

Krav Maga is not mystical, it is practical.

There should be no luck or chance involved.

Our Krav Maga is based on simplicity, on concepts that are relevant and easy to apply. There is a theme that runs through all of our techniques. Our system is not a collection of "greatest techniques" from other styles but rather a unique concept that connects our gun defense, knife defense, stick defense and so forth. 

The same principles and concepts are relevant throughout our training and are applicable for civilians, law enforcement, housewives and air-marshals. 

When you come to a Krav Maga class it should be not be a "pot luck" dinner or a game of fortune. There should be a clear pattern, an easy path to follow, a theme that connects all the dots and makes sense.

That is why our system is universally relevant, that is why it is the fastest way to learn to defend and protect yourself and others.

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