remember The reason you started

May 1, 2022, Israel

Moshe during younger days at the Oyama dojo, New York City.

I know how difficult it can be. You are determined to make a change in your life.  You decide to go on a weight reduction diet and get fit. It starts well; you are eating less and you are going to the gym several days per week. But then you are invited out for dinner, or to a party, those cakes look so great, you figure, OK, I will just one, and soon your diet is a thing of the past. You are back to where you started.

I can give many examples. We mean well, we have the best of intentions, but then, life gets in the way, temptation gets in the way, weakness gets in the way, laziness gets in the way, and our goals are left at the starting line. 

There are no magic solutions to this problem, in fact there are no solutions at all. TV, newspapers and internet are filled with advertisements, a new easy way to lose weight, get fit, etc. Fads come and go, none of them last very long. It is like all the magic potions against baldness; if any of them really worked there would very few bald men, and yet...we are everywhere. 

So what is this blog about? It is just an attempt at inspiration, to help ourselves. I call my program, "Remember why and how you started", the price? it is free. How does it work? Simple, you make a mental note, or even a physical note. You remember it, you look at it, and this note explains why you decided to begin, it can something like this:

I am fed up with the way I am, I want to change, I don't care how difficult it is I am not going to quit or waver in my determination.


I am fed up of feeling weak and vulnerable. I am fed up with feeling afraid. I am going to take up the study of Krav Maga and I am going to STICK with it, No Matter What!, I am not going to quick, I repeat, I am not going to quit. 

And then when it is time for class and your "evil inclination", your body (as opposed to your mind, to use gnostic terms) says, quit!, I am tired, I am going to stay home, watch a football game, order a pizza drink beer. Then look at your note, remember why you started training, remember your goals, remember that you want to change your life. Put down the remote control, forget about the beer and pack up your Krav Maga T shirt and head off to class. That is how I did it. 

I used to wake up at 5 am in Brooklyn. The night before I was all excited about the next class at the Oyama dojo, but now, oh my God, it is 5 am, I am so tired, go back to sleep. But 9 out of 10 times I got dressed, went outside and marched myself to the F train. Got on the train and headed towards New York City, and then I found myself outside waiting for a sleepy Japanese Uchi Dechi to come down and open the door, and thus began my day. 

and that is why I am where I am today. 

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