Rescue Yourself
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 3, 2017, Israel

Warning, this blog will contain some harsh judgment sounding words. If you are overly sensitive and will take this as a personal insult, if you are worried about your feelings being hurt, then skip this one. There are plenty of feel good articles out there.

Here we go.

We are have reasons or excuses for not doing what we want to do or what we need to do. We can justify our reasons and explain why the "wall was just too high". We can say, do not judge me for not trying. And I will not. But I will say that the ball is in your court and if you did not give it your all, well, as the leader of the American space program said to his staff, "I guess we just did not want it enough".

The US and the USSR were in a race for space. The USSR won the first round. The leader told his team, I guess they just wanted it more than us. And then he proceeded to get down and dirty to win the next round. This even led to breaking the color barrier and allowing super intelligent black women to work with whites and share the bathroom with white women. Because now they wanted it enough.

The question is - how badly do you want it.

And the answer is up to you.

If you want to stay in your comfort zone then you will stay exactly where you are right now. Do not expect any changes.

When I would wake up in the middle of the night, hungry for success, I would get dressed, take my Krav Maga flyers, and go outside. I would post them, put them on people's cars, in the morning everyone would see them. I needed to do something.

If you are not OK with where you are then you must be willing to accept some lack of comfort. You must be willing to enter a new environment. I did that when I joined the Kyokushin Oyama dojo in Manhattan rather than the local Jewish "ninja" club in Brooklyn. I wanted to face a situation where I was not comfortable.

If you are happy where you are, fine, this is not for you.

At a certain point you have to understand that you must be your own rescue. You must be your own savior, no one else is coming for you. Comfort and Dreams do not live in the same house. You have to stand up and shout out loud, "Damn it, I am not going to take this anymore" and decide to change everything.

Go out there and do the things you are afraid to do; ask out that girl you fear will reject you, apply for the job where you think they will not hire you.

Recently I sat in business class on a flight to South Africa. I wanted to rest. A rather large sized man sat next to me. And yes, he saw the look in my eyes that said, dear Lord, no!

He told me that he saw that look and he knew that he was not a welcome neighbor. Now this is a very successful man, this is a self made man who came back from terrible health and a terrible financial situation to create a great business. He paid full fair for business class.

Now what did this man do in the face of my obvious rejection? Listen to me, and listen good! He turned towards me with a big smile, moved right into my face, put out his hand and said, "Hey there my name is Mark" and he put his hand in mine.

By the middle of the flight we became such good friends that he had to tell the flight attendant, "We are just good friends, my wife is seated elsewhere with the kids". Yes, this man became my friend and he inspired me. I no longer wanted to rest, I wanted to hear this story, his success story. He turned a negative experience into a great one. Hey there, my name is Mark, pleased to meet you!

Think about that.

Are you willing to go for what you want or will you just take whatever comes your way? Stand up and tell the world, Hey There, My name is Mark and I am pleased to meet you. (of course please insert your own name, otherwise it will sound silly).

Remember, Comfort and Dreams do not live in the same house. Remember, you are the Rescue team, Be your own rescue.

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