Responsible Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
CEO Israeli Krav International

Leaders take their responsibility seriously. Being number one in any field requires constant self-examination.

Responsibility is a value. Responsibility is an ethic. 

In Israel there is a saying, "Being number one makes you responsible". That means if you are a leader in the industry people will come to expect of you innovative and forward thinking behavior.

My friend Gary works at the Hilton. To me the place always looks perfect, is perfect, and yet every time I am there something is happening. Something is changing. They are upgrading, they are improving, they are thinking ahead.

Staying at the Daisy in Arizona, well, I would not expect any changes. You have your bed, you have your shower, don't expect any innovative service. No one expects innovation form the bottom of the industry. If you are at the bottom you can rest easy, no one is expecting anything from you. Don't change.

But if you are at the top, that is a responsibility. People will be expecting new services, new applications, new ways of thinking. People will be expecting to you to be thinking ahead and anticipating their needs. People will be expecting you to find easier and more efficient ways of getting things done.

It is the same with Krav Maga.

With our Krav On Line Program our members can request any technique. They can ask; what if...a guy has a knife in his left hand and a frying pan in his right...etc.

This is not an automated program where a machine sends you an old outdated clip every 48 hours. This is a living evolving program. Last years' techniques might be outdated, we are always looking forward. We are always thinking ahead.

Just as with the Hilton you will always see that our techniques are "Under construction". We are upgrading, we are taking your suggestions for improvement to heart, we are thinking ahead.

Krav Maga is a responsibility. As instructors we have a great and a grave responsibility. Our students are trusting us to guide them to safety. It is a responsibility we must take seriously. We are the commanders in the way against crime, our soldiers are expecting clear and forward thinking from us. We must not let them down, that is our responsibility.

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