Revolving Doors
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 25, 2016, Panama City, Panama

Revolving doors, it is all a matter of timing and awareness.

You are walking in or out of a hotel, a shopping center, with your bags, your luggage. You must judge the space you have available and you must judge the speed, the timing, of the revolving doors.

If you are with someone you must determine quickly; is there enough room and time for both of us to enter or will you accidently "cut off" your partner, "leaving them behind".  A misjudgment can cause an injury, personal or emotional.

In a sense all of life is a revolving door. We come, we go, we step where others have stepped before us, and soon others will step where we are now. And in most cases there will be no memory that we were ever here. Our footsteps will quickly disappear.

But I digress, back to our revolving doors. You must be aware, of everything. You must notice everything, you do not want your luggage caught in the door, you do not want your partner hit by the revolving door, you must time everything correctly. And so it is in self defense.

Timing is everything in a conversation, in a comedy routine, in business, and in fighting and self defense.

Wrong timing and the door slams you in the face.

Big or small the door will hit you just the same, but time things correctly, observe the changes, feel the direction of the wind, keep your eyes open and you have a much better chance of not getting hit hard by the revolving doors of life.

And so it is when dealing with people, always a juggling act, what to say, how to say it, when to say it. Say too much and you are in deep trouble, say too little and it is not enough. Speak up or you will not get paid, speak too loudly and they will fire you. Timing, details, feel the wind blow, catch the direction of the winds of life.

Life can smack any of us directly in the face, or it can come from behind and bite us in the butt, the revolving door. Watch it, study it and be ready.

All of life is a revolving door. Recently one of my dear and esteemed instructors passed on,  another is holding on for dear life. The torch has been passed on. Are we ready to take our place?

As one passes through he makes room for another to take his place. The Revolving door of life. Hopefully we leave this place a little better than we found it. Hopefully we leave behind good energy and wisdom, not litter, trash and anger.

The Revolving door may stop and start, almost like a trap waiting for its next victim. We want to pass through, we want to get all our luggage, our personal belongings in with us, we do not want to leave anyone or anything behind, and we do not want to get hurt in the process.  This will take wisdom: being alert, keeping our eyes open, knowing which way the wind blows, situational awareness, moving at the correct speed.

The Revolving door of life and self defense.

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