Rights and Wrongs
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 10, 2018, Israel

A rabbi was killed last night.

Not in Auschwitz, not in Poland, not in Germany, not in Babi Yar, not in Treblinka, not in Dachau, 

in the land of Israel. 

A rabbi was killed last night.

I was visiting my mother last night when I saw on the news...drive by shooting, one man, shot in the neck, in critical condition. 

That was all I knew last night. 

I woke up this morning to see a post from my brother about Rabbi Raziel Shevach of blessed memory, murdered last night. A married man, a father of six. 

Critical condition changed to death. 

A rabbi was murdered last night.

But he was not only a rabbi, he was also a medic, one who risked his life to save others, one who devoted himself to saving others. He was a spiritual man and a healer, a giver. 

The killers, naturally Arab Muslims, escaped into one of the many Arab cities in Israel which are under the so called Palestinian Authority, an organization supported by "good" Liberals around the world, including, to our everlasting shame, many Jews. This organization, part of the so called peace process, is in charge of maintaining order in its areas, talk about the wolf guarding the chicken coop.

I used to conduct Krav Maga seminars on American and Canadian college campuses, in nearly every campus I saw the "Israel Apartheid week", where misguided foolish Liberal students joined the manipulative Muslim students, to protest against the alleged and imagined "Israeli Apartheid". These students reenact alleged Israeli abuses against the so called "Palestinians", (i.e. Arabs, who are indigenous to Arabia, not Israel).

These students who feel so incredibly self righteous and proud to protest against Israel demand rights for Arabs in the land of Israel, where incidentally they have more rights than in any Arabs state, of which there are more than twenty.

They want RIGHTS but they are WRONG and on this there can be no discussion. 

A father was murdered last night.

American students, Jewish students, demand more rights for Arabs, even the slightest "insult" must be defended. The former American president was careful never to even suggest that radical Arabs might be responsible for terrorist attacks. Thank God he is gone. 

A husband was murdered last night.

And I look you all straight in the eyes, you who self righteously fight for Arab Rights and consider yourself so enlightened. And I say  you are WRONG and on your hands is the blood of the man murdered last night. Yes, you with your silly actions, foolish actions, misguided actions, you are responsible. 

You have created safe zones for these Arab murderers to escape to. Yes, you have raised money for the poor abused Arabs. 

A Jewish woman in New Zealand was so proud of herself for convincing some female singer to cancel her scheduled performance in Israel, as part of "Artists united against Israel". You now have blood on your hands. You foolish misguided Liberal. 

Six children lost their father last night.

A wife lost her husband.

Today's' paper reveals ARAB SOURCES that say the Palestinian Authority paid $350 million dollars to the families of terrorists in 2017. This money comes from Liberals all over the world, from the European Union and even from Jews. 

There is a "price list" for benefits. Now remember the average income in these areas is about $580 per month...

If you are serving 3- 5 years in prison for actions against Jews - 2,000 NIS per month salary. 

If you are serving 25 - 30 years for actions against Jews - 10,000 NIS Per month. 

Married men, and those with children receive extra benefits and income (don't you wish you worked for an organization like the Palestinian Authority?). There are additional benefits depending upon your locations and the severity of the act. Think of that Liberal American college students during your Israel Apartheid week. You are so proud to be on the side of the Liberal enlightened anti Israeli "Occupation" side. Shame on you.

A rabbi was murdered last night. 

During the long dark exile the Jewish people dreamed of returning home. Dr. Theodor Benjamin Herzl wrote a book Der Judenstaat, the Jewish state where he dreamed of Jews living free from fear and murder and pogroms. Jews in Europe wrote a song A Yiddishe Medina, a Jewish state, they dared to dream.

A rabbi was murdered last night.

And Jewish students protest against Israel, and Jewish American students fear to invite Israeli speakers to their campus for fear of being shamed by their fellow students, as if standing up for Israel means you are not Liberal or enlightened enough. Yes you are enlightened, light in the head department. 

A rabbi was murdered last night.

A father was murdered last night.

A husband was murdered last night.

A Jew was murdered last night. 

And the world unites against us in the United Nations, and mobs protest against us in Europe. and I wonder what kind of world do we live in.

A incident, now known as an Out of Body Experience, is told in the Talmud. This takes place in the third century, some 1,800 years ago. The story is told in Aramaic. 

רבי יוסף בריה דרבי יהושע בן לוי חלש ואינגיד, כי הדר אמר ליה אבוה מאי חזית? אמר ליה עולם הפוך ראיתי, עליונים למטה ותחתונים למעלה

ועוד שמע שהיו אומרים שהרוגי מלכות (הרוגי לוד) אין כל בריה יכולה לעמוד במחיצתן

פסחים דף נ' עמוד א

"Rabbi Yosef son of Rabbi Yehushua the son of Levi, became sick and died but then came back to life. When he returned his father said to him, 'What did you see?'.  He answered, I saw an upside down world, the low ones where high and the high ones were low.

He also heard that those killed sanctifying God's name, i.e. for standing up to Roman persecution against the Jewish people, are in a place in heaven where "no others can stand", i.e. a very high place indeed. " (Talmud, tractate Pesahim, page 50 A)

What we can learn from this amazing story is that we live in world of lies and falsehood. Beware, take heed, not to fall prey to lies.

And those who die sanctifying God's name and standing up for our people are in a place in heaven where no one can touch them, where no one is worthy of their status.

A rabbi was murdered last night 

not in Auschwitz

not in Babi Yar,

in Israel.

Some more information

Raziel Shevach, a Magen David Adom volunteer first-responder and senior EMT who was recently honored for his lifesaving response to a terror attack, was himself killed in a drive-by terrorist shooting just outside Havat Gilad, where he lived in Samaria.

Raziel was driving in his car when it was riddled with more than 20 bullets fired from a passing vehicle, at least three of which struck him. The 32-year-old father of six was able to call Magen David Adom for medical assistance, but had already lost consciousness when MDA and IDF medics arrived just minutes later. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba.

We talk about how our medics risk their lives to save the lives of others. That's especially true in parts of Israel where just leaving your community can be an act of faith. Our hearts go out to Raziel's wife and children — and to our colleagues in Israel for whom this is a personal and devastating loss.

May his memory be a blessing.

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