Krav maga: Rule Number One

November 28, 2022, Israel


Mr. Miyagi explains Rule Number One to young Daniel. 

In the Karate Kid movie the young Daniel is introduced to the values of traditional martial arts. The wise Mr. Miyagi takes him to visit the Miyagi family dojo in Okinawa. Daniel sees two signs written in Japanese calligraphy, which he of course cannot understand. Miyagi Senesi explains. 

The first rule is that karate is only for defense. The second rule is to "First learn rule number". 

This is indeed true for Krav Maga as well. But here I would like to add another Rule 1. In fact, I would like to add two Rules Number One, as both are equally important if you wish to succeed in learning Krav Maga and being able to use it effectively. 

Rule Number One of Krav Maga: Decide not to become a Victim.

Explanation: Without this rule there can be no real commitment. As Mr. Miyagi said, you Karate do, OK, you Karate no do, OK. You Karate do So-So, get squashed like grape. You need to make a decision and have a reason to stick to that decision. Krav Maga should not a "Sometimes thing", as Mr. Miyagi explained to his young student. To make a commitment you need to know why you are training. You have to come to the iron-clad conclusion that you do not want to be a victim, that you will not become a victim. Nothing should break your resolve that you will not become a victim.

Rule Number Two of Krav Maga: Never Quit.

Explanation: This is a simple rule but one that the vast majority of students cannot stick to; do not quit. It is that simple. If you want to succeed you do not quit, for any reason. I had my ups and downs, I had my challenges, but I succeed because I never quit. More talented people came and went, bigger stronger people came and went, but I stayed, always. If I start something I finish it. 

Anything in life worth earning involves a long-term commitment. My undergraduate degree was a 4-year commitment. My graduate degree took another 4 years. I completed them both with honors. I spent 18 years with my Krav Maga instructor Itay Gil to earn my ranks plus another year in Wingate Institue to become a certified instructor. I paid my dues on the mat, not just with my bank account. All my ranks, degrees and accomplishments were earned, not bought. 

Now you have the secrets to success. 


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