Seeing the Future
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

November 30, 2018, Israel

Preparing our future for the future. 

My god-daughter used to say, I wish I could know what people are thinking. But after social media came out she said that she now possessed this super power as people post all their thoughts on social media. (more than we want to know).

When I was a child we read in the Ethics of the Fathers written 2,000 years ago that...all your thoughts and actions are recorded. We thought that was beyond belief, but now it is the truth. Whatever we wrote, much of what we do, is recorded on someone's smart phone. 

Many dream of knowing the future: if only I had this super power!

We do, for the most part, but we choose to ignore it. We are indeed very foolish. 

Most of what we fear actually sends us warnings. Our creator has blessed us with an amazing early warning system; fear. And yet we choose to use logic to override it. In fact more often we use Distraction to override it.

We are aware of danger, we are given many early warnings, but we choose to ignore this because it would involved undue effort on our part. We are lazy by our nature, so we ignore it. 

Now we cannot ignore it logically so we have a special tactic; we just let it wait a little, and soon, with practice, we forget everything we have been warned about. 

We need to bring our car in for a tune-up, we need to make sure our house is not in danger of termites, we need a physical but we tend to let it slide. I too am guilty of this. We choose to focus on what we want to do and not always on what we need to do.

For a long time I knew that I must take up martial arts training, but ...well, you know. A great rabbi had told us that every one of us must learn to protect ourselves. Just look at what is going on today; Jews are being attacked on the streets of New York and Paris and every place in between. 

But we are all facing this; regardless of who you are or where you live, we all are facing this. The message is written on the subway walls: crime and hate is everywhere, You have been warned. 

Where you ask me? You cannot avoid it, it is all over the place, street violence, home invasions, relationship violence, gang warfare, pub fighting, terrorism. Yes, it is happening and we have been warned. 

But how do we react? For the most part we let it pass. We cannot logically dismiss it so we let it rest and soon our Distraction tactic works; it is forgotten. After all, it will never happen to me, until it does.

For me it has hit home, more than once. I am awakened! I am enlightened.

For this reason IKI is not content to be like others, we are not content to teach the Krav Maga of the past or the sporting techniques of styles that are jumping on the self defense wagon where they are not even in the correct parking lot. I look at my students and I know that there lives are in danger, all of us, and this is not a matter to be taken lightly.

I am not expanding into other fields, I am sticking with simple hard core Krav Maga, this deserves my full attention. This is all I do. 

One of the great contributors to our innovative style is the fact that our way of thinking comes from the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of the sages. My teachers, my father of blessed memory, my ancestors, our ancient writings have a profound impact on our approach to self defense. We remain pure. 

You can now own the blogs from 2009 - the present, and they also make great presents; easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply, just like our Krav Maga.

Enlighten someone's day!

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