MARTIAL ARTS Self Defense Not Working

July 29, 2023, Israel


This is a typical front choke situation. Both arms are around the Victim's neck, sometimes he is being pushed against the wall. Death or serious damage is just a split second away. Do not be fooled by easy, "fun" techniques. This is a matter of life or death.


No, this is not a laughing matter, and the technique this guy is about to do, will not work, unless God intervenes.

Looking at social media upsets me, I see things that I don't want to see, I see things that upset me. Normally I delete such posts, or block those type of posts. No need to get upset. 

But sometimes, if I feel the individual is open minded and willing to listen, I do write. 

I saw a photo, (similar to the ones I am posting here, which are stock photos available for free on the internet, I have not chosen these to embarrass any student, teacher, or organization). I saw a photo of a thin woman with her back to the wall, someone was pushing her against the wall in a similar way to the photos I have shared on this blog. 

I chose to write, because no one should be teaching such techniques, and no one should be learning them. If there was such a thing as "The Better Business Bureau" for martial arts and self-defense, such techniques would be banned. 

and I write...

OK, first, let's take this technique you showed on your advertisement. I see these all the time and it just drives me crazy!! in fact, I usually get so upset that I just block the post. Why? I will start with my second point. the body position of the defender is much weaker than that of the attacker. Speak to any physical expert, the way the muscles are positioned, the person trying to pull the arms off ...the arms and the body are not in a powerful position at all, but the attacker IS in a powerful position. This part is difficult to explain because I don't have the technical terms but basically the body position of the attacker is a huge advantage.

Another point - this technique would be difficult to pull off for two equal opponents, and I am speaking with 40 years of experience, but we are NOT dealing with equal opponents, not at all. We are dealing with a big strong ugly smelly rapist who has planned and prepared for this attack vs. a small unprepared weaker smaller stunned, frightened individual. The initial response will not be a well-prepared and well-rehearsed fine motor technique but rather shock, inability to think. That is the effect of such attacks, What the ....! That is how the human brain functions, or in this case, does not function.

But the worst part is next...

The next part is something I have been adding to recent seminars, another big difference between IKI and all the traditional Krav Maga stuff (which I learned and rejected over a period of decades). That is This: The Defender/Victim will not be able to "activate" these fine motor motions, and any grabbing motion is a fine motor motion, before it is too late. But wait, it is worse! The intended victim will never even have the opportunity to try any of this. So that is why the problems I mentioned above are secondary. Why? They are secondary because it is highly unlikely the at the Victim/Defender will even be able to try them. 

Imagine a strong trained guy doing this pushing against the wall. He is mean, he has street experience, this is not his first rodeo as they say. He ALREADY has his arms on her neck, but where are her arms? where is her defense at this opening point? By her side, far far away (in real time from the battlefield, or the scene of the crime)

The bad guy is already there! He is at the finish line, but the defender is NOT. She has to call the police, so to speak. i.e. she has to activate a defense by calling limbs where are currently far from the scene of the crime. Calling all cars, who is the nearest patrol car?  She has to understand that something terrible is happening. This is not a class. she is shocked, she is being pushed against the wall, perhaps her head already hit the wall, (a point often ignored by most traditional Krav Maga instructors)

And now her brain is calling the police, i.e. her arms, there is a reaction time, a few seconds, but it might as well be an hour. By the time her backup shows up, by the time help is on its way the attacker has already smashed her head against the freaking wall or choked the life out of her. Reality check!

But wait, there is more. 

What about if it is not a static choke as everyone teaches it, what if she is being Pushed, Shoved, Shaken? What if the situation is more Dynamic? There is a whole lot of shaking going on. 

The classical defense will not work. Now you need a different defense for each variation of the choke situation. We at IKI chose one simple technique that works for pushing, choking, shaking etc...I will not explain it here, no, this is not Fast Food Krav Maga, if you want to learn, contact me and come do your mat time and pay your dues. Put in your time, don't expect to learn self defense from youtube or Facebook. Seriously!

VCU - Virginia Commonwealth University. Years ago I had a regular seminar at VCU. There was a free seminar, we had perhaps 50 girls. In the middle of the seminar they disappeared. Nothing personal, turns out there was a sorority meeting, which is obviously critical. A month later I heard that one of the female students was choked to death by her ex boyfriend. She was choked, pushed against the wall, hit her head and died. She did not attend my seminar. I could have saved her life with one simple IKI technique. So sad. 

I am passionate about teaching Correct techniques, ones that actually work, not the stuff I see advertised and that passes unquestioned. And it makes me wonder...


Look, his arms are already at her neck, where are her arms? not even in the picture, literally and figuratively, by the time she starts to move, it will be too late. 


Really? Look at her size, look at his. Look at her body position, her arms in in a very weak position, his arms are supported by his large and powerful body. Even if she were able to get her hands up there before she was choked out or killed, it is highly unlikely that she would be able to get him off her, and that knee kick would never come to pass. Her knee is not even close enough to his body to cause any harm.


Before the victim even manages to raise his hands and attempt the "pluck" the attacker will be squeezing the living daylights out of him. 

If I were the attacker, what would I be doing? waiting? As soon as I see her arms begin to react, I lean in with my strong arms and I squeeze the living daylights out of her. Remember, I am already there, and I am not waiting. So, the attacker now just goes harder, her head is smashed against the wall and her throat is being squeezed harder than she can handle. Here is the point HER HANDS WILL NEVER REACH THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. This will not happen. She will be choked and turning blue before her arms can get to the scene of the crime. That is the reality. (see photo below)


This man is being pushed against a brick wall; most likely his head would be smashed by now. The other guy is squeezing the daylights out of him. His arms are in a very weak position, do we really think he can get out of this? (for real, not on Youtube).


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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