Seven Seconds Self Defense
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 2, 2018, Illinois - Atlanta, Delta Airlines

Our goal, as Bruce Lee put it so well so many years ago, is simply to simplify. That't it. So many of our students are no longer young, or fit, or have had surgery or are rather uncoordinated, or simply have trouble focusing. That is why I call our style the perfect style for imperfect people.

The Perfect people can head straight for the Olympics. 

Over the years I have tried to distill our system down to basic concepts and simple natural, gross motor and instinctive moves that anyone can learn and master. I have always used the motto, Teach it to me as if I were a ten year old. 

Yesterday I taught a class for Kids, as I do each year when I visit our IKI school in Illinois. I taught what I have come to call our Universal Block. This is one simple move that can be used effectively to protect against punching, knife attacks, stick attacks, machete, stick and broken bottle. Each year I try to find simpler ways to do it and ...just as important, simpler ways to teach it. I taught it to the kids class.

One bright ten year old named Griffin came over to me and said, "It took me seven seconds to learn this". That made me very happy, that is the goal. Simply to Simplify. 

If it takes too long to learn something then only those with a lot of time and patience will learn it. (Less than 1% of the population). If it takes too much skill, speed, or muscle, again....less than 1% will ever learn it. Krav Maga must become universal, so that all can walk in peace. 

Griffin is privileged that his mom raised him with martial arts. But what about all the rest, we need to reach them. We need for them to understand that in this life self defense is crucial, and if they do walk in our doors we must greet them with a smile and a hug and techniques that actually work and do not take a lifetime to learn.

Griffin learned this technique in seven seconds, he is ten years old. You can also learn it. But you have to want to. You have to make the first step and join us. 

Amy Jo Giles and her wonderful Krav Kids. 

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