the shopping cart and krav maga

October 21, 2020  

Bruce Lee, an innovative thinker

 Our unique personalities are expressed in everything we do, certainly in the way we shop. For some people shopping is a burden; I need something so therefore I must get it but I want to invest as little time as possible in this expedition. For others it is an experience, a joy. We all know them, strolling slowly down the aisle, pushing their cart, looking at every item, in every aisle, they have al the time in the world. 

My style is usually to run in, grab a few items and run out (but paying first, of course). I usually do not bother with a basket or a shopping cart/wagon. But lately I have had to do a little extra shopping and have required the use of a shopping cart, and I have observed something interesting: When I have the shopping cart, I buy more. When I am holding the items in my arms, trying to balance the yogurt, the eggs etc.. I buy only what I need, what is on my list. But when I have a large wagon in front of me I tend to throw in all sorts of non-essential items: oh, sure I could use more pasta, oh, another jar of coffee, or another soap container, always good to have around etc. Before you know it you are walking out with double what you planned to buy, much of it will never be used. 

And it occurred to me that it is the same with Krav Maga, Self-defense training. When we think in terms of - I don't have a lot of time, I don't want to spend so much time learning this - We take only that which we absolutely need. Our arms can only hold so much, anything that we do not need right now, must go. So we stick with the essentials in shopping; coffee, milk, chocolate etc. and leave the rest. With IKI Krav Maga, we hold on only to what we absolutely need right now, anything non essential must be dropped. As Bruce Lee said it is not a matter of daily accumulation but of daily reduction. Think of it as a Krav Maga diet; we want to carry as little as possible. 

For many, martial arts becomes a relaxed shopping expedition, a stroll in the park, or in the dojo. With every generation a little more is added and the curriculum grows until it is an unmanageable colossus, or as Bruce Lee called it, an organized mess. At IKI our job is to clean up this mess and give you just the essentials, your survival kit for real life. Join us and spread the message, all lives matter and all have a right to self defense.  

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