Show or Tell
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 1, 2017, Los Angeles, Ca, USA

Before becoming a full time Krav Maga instructor I had many other jobs. Generally these jobs involved job interviews, a process that thankfully is part of my past. I recall an interview for Teva Pharmaceuticals; it went great until they asked me what I knew about drugs. Another interview was for Kedem wine company in Brooklyn, NY. The area was very Hassidic, ultra Orthodox Jews. The work was manual labor, I was a finance/economics student at the time. 

The interview consisted of three parts; language, timing and the physical. The interviewer, a man named Feish, began: Do you speak Yiddish? I said a few words. Good enough. The physical: Stand up young man let me take a look at you; good enough, seems like he can work. Timing: Can you start immediately? I said Yes. He handed me a work outfit and asked why I was loafing around the office instead of working!

I liked that practical approach. It was more of - Show me what you can do now rather than tell me about what you did in the past.

Over the years of managing IKI I have received numerous requests by high ranking instructors from other styles wishing to join IKI. All are welcome but there is a catch: I respect former ranks but do not offer rank recognition. This means you may be a 10th dan in another style but that rank has nothing to do with us and cannot be magically transferred into an IKI rank.

It is really quite simple and yet many do not get it. I cannot "take away" your rank from another style. I cannot invalidate it but I also cannot give you an IKI rank based on what a diploma tells me. I need you to show me what you know, not tell me.

Show, not tell. Do not tell me about previous ranks. IKI ranks are based, guess what? on the ability you can show in doing IKI techniques. Nothing else interests me, not trophies, diplomas, fight victories or stripes on your belt. Show me what you can do and it does not matter how long you have been training.

The world is full of falsehood; false news, false names, false noses. We try and keep our ranks real. 

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