Simple not simple 
by Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 28, 2020, Israel 

Simple, what a simple word. I use it in many languages to describe our techniques; facil, Semplice, einfach, gemakkelijk, Prosto...but I have come to understand that few things in life are simple.

It is simple to walk, for most, yes, for many no. I recall a brilliant kid, name was Sheah, brilliant, he could figure out any math problem in his head, he could memorize a phone book, yes, literally, but he could not figure out how to walk, his legs kept getting messed up. As a result he never made it to class on time. An older person, the brain is giving a command, but the body does not find the balance.  A child learning to walk, it is not so simple for many.

A simple computer issue, a simple Smart phone issue, half of us will lose our minds before figuring out that we are perhaps not as smart as the phone, these phones and computers are not so simple for many of us. I found the simple life ain't so simple when I jumped out on that road. 

Some of the most challenging things in life are simple, but yet challenging. And sometimes our lives depend upon it. 

In our next lesson we will work on Knife Attacks, the simple ones, the standard ones, the ones we all "Know" and think we do not need to practice. Why will we be reviewing them? because twice this week Arabs used them against our people here, one rabbi is dead, another is in grave danger. Simple is not so simple. If you think you know it, then I cannot be your teacher. You already know it all yourself. You don't need me. 

The move itself is fairly simple, and if you have a fair degree of coordination, which many do not, you will learn it quite quickly, perhaps in a few minutes. Others will struggle with it for a week or two, others who have other ideas in their heads will struggle longer until they are able to empty their cup and make room for something new. We are using our IKI Universal Block which has proven itself in many real life encounters of the too close kind. 

Why is it not so simple? If you can learn it quickly in class then it should be simple in real life as well?

The answer is there is much more to take into account, much more. In the moment of truth there is shock, disbelief, I can't believe this is actually happening to me, there is a lack of ability for our brains to process this, most of us are not combat veterans. There is a great deal for us to learn besides the physical aspects of self defense. At IKI we address these issues, and they are built into every technique and every lesson. 

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