sisters doing it for themselves

November 22, 2020, Israel

This photo appeared on the cover of an Israeli newspaper recently. She is clearly angry. She is protesting against sexual abuse, she is saying that every woman is someone's sister, mother, daughter, wife. My question is whom is she protesting against and what does she expect them to do? 

This is an old topic, and an old message but I shall repeat it again. After every act of violence there is an outburst of anger, protest, and accusations; people want answers.

A woman was violated, hurt, or killed, people are outraged, some take to the street, like this woman in the photo in the newspaper, they shout, they scream, they want attention for the cause. Her protest sign says..."She is someone's, sister, mother, daughter, wife." Yes, she is someone important, she is someone's family. She is not just a statistic; she is someone special and she counts!  Her death should not be ignored, something should be done. 

I could not agree more. 

But why the protests? I could think of only a few things they can be demanding

1. Hot lines for abused women

2. Shelters for abused women

3. Counselors for this situation.

But beyond that, what can be done? Increase awareness that violence is bad?!  If you don't know that by now, an angry protestor will certainly not enlighten you, if anything it will enrage you. Decent people know that all violence, against all people is bad. So, what else can be done?

Well, learn to defend yourself. Demand the right to train in self-defense. But wait! There are schools all over the place, there are instructors struggling to make a living. The schools are there, the doors are open, the instructors are eagerly waiting for you, but where are you? WHERE ARE YOU!

Oops, was that a sore point? Shall I be accused of "blaming the victim"? Shall I be accused of "Victim shaming"? 

Well, that would make sense because what I see in these protestors are people transferring the responsibility to others. They are saying, I can't do anything on my own, I need you to do it for me. But is that not a total negation of the modern woman? What happened to that old slogan, a song I believe, "Sisters are doing it for themselves"?  Should that be modified to, "Sisters are asking others to do it for them?"

Why the helpless attitude? 

We are here to help you, but you are not stepping foot in our classes. Yes, increase awareness, I do that via my blogs and videos, yes, volunteer in shelters for women, yes donate money for therapists and hot lines, do all that, DO, don't ask others to do. Do it for yourself, and for your own sake, train! We are here for you, So put down the posters and stop the angry chants and come in to the Krav Maga training studio. Our doors are open.

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