Sitting on the Fence
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

Saturday night, April 2, 2016, Israel

The final resting place of the singer/poet Arik Einstein, How much time do any of us have? How long can we sit on the fence?

Long time ago, sitting on the fence, a leg here a leg there.

One must choose if he wants to accomplish anything in life. But some..prefer to just watch the world, smile at everyone and be OK with everyone.

Sitting on the fence, watching everyone, a leg here a leg there, OK, taking your time but always on top of everything.

On top of everything but doing nothing. A peek here, a glance there, sitting on the fence.

And what does it all mean and where are you going?

When will you choose what it is you want to do in this life?

Sitting on the fence, looking in all directions, Ok with everyone, thinking about your options.

Life comes and goes but what have we done? And how much time do we have?

An old friend writes, Hey what's up? Remember me?

It has been years. And you have to ask yourself the same question; what's up? what have you done with all those years?

Are you living the life or the delusion? Where are you going?

I think back, a quiet day back in the 1980's, Jerusalem, wondering what to do. Listening to that great song written and song by Arik Einstein  (Aryeh Leb Einstein).... Yoshev al HaGader, Sitting on the Fence.

Looking here, looking there, but what to do? Where should the future lead me? or should I lead it?

Always OK with everyone and you are going nowhere, time to take a stand, time to make a decision, a life decision.

The years pass....Arik is gone but the message is alive, so many are gone, friends, family, so many gone and you are still sitting on the Fence, reading the newspaper, hearing the news on the hour. You are OK with everyone....

Smiles everywhere...always involved....

Surrounded by smoke, veiled from reality, sitting on the fence, but time stands for none.

Sitting, thinking..on the fence, a glance here, a look there...time for the news.

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