Situation Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 19, 2014, Israel

Where do we begin?

Do we begin with a technique? Do we have a manual listing techniques? By level?

No, in my mind I organize everything by situations, that is how I think and that is how I solve problems.

I never look for new or more Krav Maga techniques, I never look to "add" anything.

We begin with a situation. I hear a story, I see footage from actual violent crime. I see a man walk up and pull out a knife and stab someone. That is the situation.  We cannot change that. And then, I get to work.

I call in my team, I say, Grab the knife. I show them the footage or tell them the story and say, Now attack me as best as you can.

I want to see how my body reacts, I want to see how my existing Krav Maga training will automatically and instinctively kick into place.

There is no planning, there is no analyzing, there is no executive decision that more techniques are needed to spice up our training.

We don't care about spice. We are not the Spice Girls.

Our goal is and has always been a very simple one; to give you the tools to get home safely. Thus we teach techniques based on concepts. And the ultimate goal is to transcend the techniques and only use concepts.

When we face a new situation all we need to do is apply the concepts that are already ingrained in us. Situations change, concepts do not.

A band may decided it is time for a new hit single, time for a change of style or outfit or "sound". But IKI Krav Maga is not in the business of creating "hit singles". We just want to avoid getting hit.

We will dazzle you with simplicity, and get you home alive.

Not a good idea to kick a girl who trains in IKI, in this case the kicker is one of us.