skill maintenance erosion

February 7, 2022, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

This morning I was sitting in the Hilton hotel with my friends, one of whom is the general manager. He was telling me about the renovations taking place in the hotel, involving millions of dollars. 

I am a fan of the Hilton hotels and always enjoy my stay there. I feel the spirit and hospitality of the founder, Mr. Conrad Hilton, is still there. His legacy is maintained. and this is a great word; maintenance. 

And so an already beautiful building is being renovated. As Gary pointed out, the kitchen, although in excellent condition, is quite old. Things begin to show signs of wear and tear, it is time for a renovation.

and so it is with self-defense skills. There is no such thing as a perfect system. There is no such thing as a perfect individual. And there is no system that is fool-proof and guaranteed to work every time. And there is no such thing as society and culture without change. The only constant, is change. As such we are always renovating. We are always seeking better ways to get things done. We are seeking better techniques and better ways to teach them. 

A perfect technique, if such a thing exists, is useless unless you know how to teach it to your student. So we need a combination of excellent techniques, caring and compassionate teachers, and effective and efficient teaching methods. With this combination we can give students the ability to defend themselves in a real life violent encounter. 

Review is difficult, with any subject. Many of us want to learn another language but endlessly repeating words and phrases can become very tedious very fast. So we devise tricks, try to come up with stories; ways to practice the words without losing our minds. It is the same with self defense training, it is never enough. There is no such thing as knowing any technique well enough. And yet, students, and teachers, can get bored. But we must maintain, and improve, our skills, just like the Hilton hotel must maintain and improve its appearance and service. 

What I took from this conversation is that the Hilton, already the premium name in hotels, is never content. They will not wait to see faded or stained carpets, broken down elevators and signs of mildew on the walls (Yes, I have seen all those in hotels around the world). They will not allow the hotel to fall into decay. And so it is with IKI Krav Maga.

We do not look the same as we did ten years ago. We do not look the same as we will tomorrow. We are the Hilton of Krav Maga; Always leading, always improving and always seeking to provide the best for our members. 

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