Small Great
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 26, 2017, New York, USA

How Small we are and how Great we can be. We are but a speck in the universe, a passing light, we come and before we know it, we are gone. Dust to dust. From the earth we came and to the earth we shall return. But we are earth and spirit combined. We are like the sand of the land and the stars of the heavens.

What are we but a tiny thought, a little drop of energy but we are also filled with great potential.

We can be cruel. We can be meaningless. We can be kind. We can be just below the angels. We can be close to God. We can be close to man. We can be an unstoppable force. We can rise up and touch the heavens. 

What are we but a small, tiny element in the universe. A man, bent over in prayer, but he prays for peace in the universe, and he becomes that which he hopes for. A woman, tiny and old but her acts of kindness wake up a Great God, a great force. A child, so small and helpless but his innocent prayers bring a tear to God's eyes and a smile to the world.

We are small but we can be great, all at the same time. We recognize our smallness but in the smallness is also our greatness. Our actions have impact.

An old man in Brooklyn, sits in his tiny apartment and greets his Polish guest. Together they reminisce about shared memories, people they knew. A little smile, a handshake, a cup of tea. They bring peace to the world. Peace to a troubled world, from a small apartment in Brooklyn where two old men chat. We are tiny but we are great, we are small, but we are big. We are a speck of dust but also a shining star. 

In our smallness we contain our greatness. 

We recognize our smallness; we are just a passing thought in the history of the universe but what potential we have! When we smile at a stranger what joy we bring to the world. 

I am in San Lois Obispo, a little bit lost, I stop a stranger in a parking lot, he puts aside his cigarette and takes his smart phone and googles the place I am looking for. He finds it for me and returns to fixing his bike. I thank him. He says, Happy to help brother. He just brought a smile to the world.

I am on the plane, just got an idea for a blog. I am searching for paper but can't seem to find anything.  The woman from the row behind him taps me on the shoulder. She hands me a piece of paper. I thank you lady from seat 26C. The sun just shone.

We can bring light to a darkened world. Every day is a chance to do something good. Every day is a new prayer. Don't give up. As long as hope burns in the heart the hope stays with you. To give is to receive. To be small is to be great. Each small act is an act of victory.

And remember, Father Jacob crossed the river with his walking stick and he became a great nation. And he when he returned he said, But I am so small, and so unworthy of all the kindness you bestowed upon me. 

Gratefulness, Smallness, Greatness. We are but a speck but can shine up the entire universe. 

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