Some Day
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 12, 2016

Ask someone when they are going to do something; start a business, fix up the yard, start a diet, write that book, the answer is always the same: Some day.

Some day, when the time is right I will make my move, some day I will move out, some day I will ask out that girl, some day I will invest in that project. 

For most of us Some Day is the same as never. Some day never comes. We spend our lives waiting for the right moment but we never seize the moment. We never leave our comfort zone.

Whatever it is, a business, a trip, an adventure, so many of us keep putting it off.

We never know what will be unless we try, we never know how many missed opportunities could have been our Golden opportunity.

Some people see something and they go for it. While we are busy deliberating and thinking about it they have already done it. They have signed up for that course, they have bought a ticket for that flight, they are on their way while we are still at the starting line. We missed the starting gun, no one told us when to run.

You see an opportunity you go for it. It does not matter if the timing is right, it matters when the opportunity came up. Life waits for no one. When opportunity knocks at the door we must open it, now, not Some Day.

How to go about doing something is a different matter, that takes training. Do not just open a business without any knowledge, study is required. So we study and prepare ourselves and then when opportunity comes knocking we are ready.

We have students with IKI that join and from day one they are focused on becoming an instructor and opening a school. Some ask me how long it will take while others just start training and planning. I am amazed at how fast some people have schools up and running while others are still sitting and waiting.

You want to be an instructor? Start now, from day one. Go for it. You want to be a school owner, start now, look for opportunities.

Many of us spend our lives on the sidelines watching as others get to play. If we are not happy, if we are uncomfortable then we need to change something. We need to change our attitude, do something differently.

This does not mean that you must instantly invest your life savings, it means do something, anything, start! If you want something, go get it! If you do not step up to the plate you will never have a chance to get to first base. You have to start with something. You have to be IN to WIN.

Learning a new language starts with learning one word. And then you take that word and you start a conversation, you leave your comfort zone, you do not worry about making mistakes. Learning Krav Maga means getting yourself into the gym/dojo. The instructor is not going to come to your living room and pull you off the couch.

You want something, get up and go get it! Do not wait for Some Day as it may never come.

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