stayin Alive Krav Maga

October 9, 2022, Olavsgaard, Skjetten, Norway


The reference is of course from the classic song from the 1970s. We use this song a lot in our training because it summarizes our goal in one catchy phrase: Our goal is simply for you to get home alive. We are not about preserving an ancient tradition of martial arts. We are not concerned at all with martial arts lineage. We are not interested in titles. We are not interested in sports competition or tournaments, or martial arts shows, only in Stayin Alive. 

Todays' seminar included a diverse group of people, from very tall to very small, from very experienced nationally known martial artists to novices who only began their training a few weeks ago. Our style is designed to fit all, to be flexible and adaptable. How so?

A smaller person adapted our techniques to serve her size. A taller person added some elements that suited his frame. A few jujitsu blacks belts asked if it was OK to incorporate some of their techniques. What I explained to them was that as long as the Krav Maga technique was used as the initial defense, to block the attack, to prevent the damage, the follow up can be whatever suits them. 

For my students I will teach simple basic follow ups. But if a man walks in with 30 years of Japanese jujitsu training and he likes a follow up that incorporates some of those elements, that is fine, as long as it does put him in danger. 

Our goal is not "style purity" nor is it preserve an alleged ancient fighting art, if there is such a thing. Our goal is only to survive, and we will use whatever it takes to survive. No techniques are so sacred that they cannot be dropped if proven ineffective, or if a better technique can be found. No master is so holy that his legacy must be preserved at the cost of the safety of our students. We will do whatever we can for our one goal, Staying Alive. 

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