Subject to Change

September 18, 2023, Israel

Ever notice on the terms of an agreement the words, "Subject to change"? or on a price?

You think you have certain terms locked in, your think you have a certain price guaranteed, but now, it is "subject to change". That is one of those annoying aspects of life, and business. What is really being said is, we, the Powers that be, have total control over you. We, the Power, can change things as we see fit, and those changes will always be to our advantage. 

However, in a "1984" style of presenting things, the changes will always be presented as being to your benefit, and, better than the previous conditions. Just as in George Orwell's book "1984" you will be required to say, "Things are better now than they ever were."

Delta Airlines recently made major changes to their Sky Miles membership program, and to their lounge access policy, the changes are terrible. Basically, it will cost twice as much per year to maintain your status, and your lounge access will be seriously limited. This is presented, in the classic Orwellian logic, as an improvement. Listen to it - it is now simpler than ever to earn miles and status. (Yes, that is true, just spend a shitload of money, double or more than what was previously required). And the lounge access is presented as, now it will be less crowded so you can enjoy it more. Sure, it will less crowded, because you won't be there as much. You will be sitting outside on a metal chair waiting for your delayed flight, but you should be happy because the Rich men north of Richmond, will have more space. The riffraff, i.e., you, will be left outside. Isn't that great!

Things are subject to change. It is outrageous, it is beyond what I can express. They not only shove the crap in your face, but they want you to smile and say My isn't this tasty!

Just when you think you got it all figured out, they revamp the program and leave you confused. One passenger on a recent flight from Boston to Israel, an ultra-Orthodox rabbi, tried to get an upgrade. He found it so confusing that he came back and said to his fellow Jewish passengers, it is more confusing that a track of Talmud, it requires real "Lamdus" (expert Talmudic learning and insight). 

There are not many things in life more complicated than the Talmud, but the airlines...

But there is a lesson here, a powerful life lesson that goes beyond our frustration and anger towards the overly greedy airlines who take us for granted. 

Life, subject, to change, always, always, always, and not always to our advantage. War, Crime, Terrorism, random violence. We build, and life destroys. We make plans and God laughs, and everything falls apart. We put together a plan but then something changes.  A client promises, but never delivers, promises are easily made but rarely honored. Life, subject to change. Deal with it.

Life, comes to an end suddenly without warning, violence causes silence, we must be mistaken, we learn very little. Life is subject to change and we must be prepared for that. We must strive in the Chaos. We must deal with the chaos in our heads, and at our feet. We must be prepared. And that is what our training is all about. 

Too many martial arts deal with a plan, a set pattern, an expected course of action, but Life, is, subject, to change. And that is the reality. 

We teach tools, and concepts and we imagine the worst, we expect change. We expect that whatever scenario we train for, is subject to change. Embrace the unknown, know the uncertain, predict the changeable, feel the confusion, thrive in the chaos, for everything is subject to change and those changes are rarely to our benefit. 

We are realists, we cannot hide from the bombs, in our heads, in our beds, life. We are young, we are beautiful, we are invincible. We are old, we are weak, we are wise, we are vulnerable. Everything. is. Subject. To. Change. 

flight delayed, entrance denied, credit card cancelled, doors closed, life, we strive, we thrive in the Chaos, for everything is subject to change and nothing can be taken for granted. and you wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and a long painful howl comes out of your inner soul crying for a lost loved one, and you remember that line on the product you just purchased, Subject to Change. Yes, everything - is - subject - to - change. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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What weapons and military strategies did our Biblical ancestors use?

How has Krav Maga developed in Israel and what are its goals?

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