Teacher Guide
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 22, 2016, Israel

Anxiety, fear, doubt, are all part of life. Any change involves these deadly three. Any change in life involves these three and if we are not careful they can stop us cold in our tracks.

When a student enters our schools to train in Krav Maga you can be sure that those deadly three are present. They are with us, they are inside us and they will do everything possible to convince us to return to the safety of our couch and home.

I recall my first day at the Oyama dojo; a group of young powerful men, from different cultures, jumping and kicking and smashing. Until this day I still have my Oyama T shirt and uniform. Yes, it takes up space but I will never throw it out, it is a reminder of the fear and anxiety and doubt that I overcame when I joined the Oyama dojo.

I have been teaching now for a long time, a very long time, and I have seen countless students all over the world. I have become a bit of a mind-reader. I have special powers. I can sense their fear and trepidation.

I can sense the presence of the deadly trio; fear, anxiety, doubt. DVDs are great, video clips are great, but a teacher is ... a guide.

As a teacher my job is to not only teach you technique. My job as a teacher is not only to correct your mistakes. My job is to sooth your nerves and combat the deadly trio.

My job is the tell you that I have walked this path before you and I too have experienced that anxiety. I too had my doubts, and fears. And yet I overcame them. I got out of my warm bed and went out into the snow and too the F train to Manhattan. And in Israel after a long and tiring day of work I pushed myself, my car nearly drove by itself until I reached Itay's dojo. Sometimes before class I would fall asleep while sitting against the wall.

But I never gave up.

When I look at our new students sometimes I will stop and say...now we need to talk. Teaching is more than just showing techniques, much more. I am here to let you know that all your fears and doubts are totally normal, in fact they are to be expected.

In chapter three of the classic "Path of the Just" Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato says, we are hear to guide you, to say this is the path you should follow. He gives the example of a maze, a garden with many paths, most lead nowhere but one leads to the exit. Those in the maze are confused but those outside, who already passed through it, can say "This is the path that you should go on".

This is the job of the teacher, to say...I have been through the path, I have guided many, relax my child for I am here with you, I will hold your hand and guide you step by step, you have nothing at all to fear. I know your anxiety, I myself have met and defeated the mighty trio of fear, anxiety and doubt, I can help you defeat them.

And when the deadly trio emerge you must ask yourself this all important question: why did you come here in the first place?

The answer is you came here because you were not happy with the way things were before. You were dissatisfied. You did not want to live in constant fear of knife attacks, of rape, of abuse, so you came here. And now remember those goals and do not let the deadly trio defeat you. Stand strong, I will help you, and we shall move forward to a better future.

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