Tears of Angels
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 3, 2016, New York, USA

Beautiful tears, sad days..what are they asking us for?

For those who grew up in Israel the reference should be clear; a song by the national singer, the late Arik Einstein, of blessed memory..

Tears of Angels, why are they crying?

Because it is difficult in a world filled with so much sadness.

When they cry we too are sad.

But why are they crying?

Our Angles are those murdered by our enemies. The beautiful young people, the beautiful children.

And we too want to cry with them but the tears....are so hard.

Our Angles are beautiful old people, grandmothers, and veterans, family men, mothers. And the Angles cry and we are sad.

The tears are soft and beautiful. But what are they asking us for?

They are asking us to care, to take action. They cry, in the other world, for there is nothing else they can do. But we can. We must fight back, we must train!!

We must say no more murders!

Krav Maga must be mandatory in our schools, in our lives, just as math and reading are mandatory.

They cry above and we are sad here, but we are the living and we can do something about it. It is for the living to take action, before we are no longer among the living.

For when the Angels cry in another world, we too are sad, but they are asking us for something. Soft tears, strong actions. We must take action.

We have a promise to keep, for us the living, to those who are no longer here.

So when you are tired, when the training is taking up your valuable time, when you are busy with work, when you feel your instructor is being a little hard on you, when you feel "insulted" because your instructor was a little harsh in his way of correcting you, at those times think! Stop and think, think of the tears of Angles, they are crying and you must take action.

For their sake, for the sake of those we can still save, keep going! Do not stop. You have the opportunity to train. So stop your excuses and your pitiful complaints.


Hear the tears of Angles, hear the tears of parents who buried children. And now tell me you have no time to train, now tell me your "reasons" for not training.

We just lost one of the great karate men of our time, Shigeru Oyama, who was my instructor. I would wake up at 5 am, take the train to Manhattan, train for a couple of hours, go to work, volunteer at Betar Zionist organization after work, go to another Karate class and then go home and study Talmud. So ....we make time for that which matters to us.

No time means no real interest.

When you are thinking of quitting, giving up, when you are tired, when you are saying...I will take a day off..think of the tears of Angels...think of the victims of terror, of crime....shed a tear, and be strong and of good courage.

Israel: A Nation of Warriors
by Moshe Katz

Israel, A Nation of Warriors