The Dark Side of Humanity
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 2, 2018, Herzliya, Israel

A Holocaust survivor from Jedwabne, Poland is speaking. He is calm, it has been many years, but he remembers every detail. He recounts it without emotion. His name today is Meir Ronen and he heard testimony directly from a survivor of the massacre in Jedwabne, "My mother's cousin, her name was Gitale Nadolne, they cut off her head and with her head they played soccer."

Shmuel Wasserstein, another survivor confirms and adds horrific details to the description of the massacre. 

An historian  discusses why people today do not accept these facts. He says individuals and groups do not want to confront the dark side of their existence. 

This made me think, this is true.. People ask: If we are all aware of crime in all its ugly forms, we all hear the news then why is it that so few sign up to learn self defense? 


The answer was given by the professor of history, we as humans do not wish to confront the dark side of our existence. The survivor of the Holocaust, the witness to the Holocaust, he has seen it and he can discuss it calmly. But most humans simply cannot confront the Dark Side of our existence, so we deny it, on a national level and on a personal level. Life is much easier that way. And thus self defense schools struggle to stay open.

As long as we refuse to see the Dark Side we shall remain vulnerable to attack and totally unprepared. The choice is ours. 

We are afraid to confront the Dark Side