the full picture

December 3, 2021 Maaleh Adumim, Israel 

 "and I told it, my dream, to the magicians, the soothsayers, but none could offer a satisfactory explanation. and Joseph said to Pharaoh; the dream of Pharaoh is one, God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. (Bereshith/Genesis, Chapter 41, Verses 24-25) 

We are in the realm of dreams, of the supernatural, of unexplained phenome. The mightiest king wakes up troubled, a bad dream. He dreams again, another bad dream. He calls his advisors, his magicians, his interpreters, the men he relies upon, but none can make any sense of it. and then he hears of this young Hebrew boy who has the gift, a Divine power to interpret dreams. And Joseph listens. He says, the dream is one. 

He is saying that both dreams are in fact one dream but presented in different ways, but the message is the same. He goes on not only to fully interpret the dreams but also to offer a workable solution to the crises that is about to rock the kingdom. 

But I feel something else here, something profound. No one is able to understand the dream, even though it is rather simple and straightforward. The key here is that the dream is "One". This is the first insight offered by Joseph. He is saying when looking at the situation, the different dreams, the fragments, one must unite them into a single whole, otherwise they will make no sense.

I am reading this in the aftermath of my mothers' passing, which has left me shattered and empty, with a huge void in my heart. and I read the ancient words; Halom Paro' ehad ho, the dream of Pharaoh is one entity. What I feel is that Joseph is saying when you look at events as individual isolated events, they will make no sense. But a visionary, such as our Joseph, can see the full picture. The dream is one, our entire lives are one dream. When we experience some hardship, some heartbreak, some pain, failure, disappointment; we may become bitter. But when we see the full picture, if we could see our entire lives as a movie, we would understand, it is all one, the good and the bad, the happy and the painful, it is all part of a plan. 

The magicians, the advisors, have failed to see the message of the dreams because they are being too narrow in their focus. But Joseph has the gift and he can see that all is one and one is all, that every part of our lives is carefully orchestrated to make us who we are so that we contribute more to this life. 

Perhaps a painful incident will change us into more compassionate human beings, perhaps a loss will motivate us to become healers and helpers, we need to be more like Joseph and is all one dream. Every little incident is part of a greater whole. 

Have a good Sabbath everyone.

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