The Future of Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International


When I was approaching graduation from university I was given some advice on how to handle job interviewers. I was advised on how to dress, how to speak, where to focus my eyes. And I was told that the following question would pop up at some point during the interview: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I was advised to give a answer that reflected a clear vision of the future; I would be a regional manager, I will increase company profits by 10% etc.

I recall another conversation. It was back in Merrick, NY, USA. I recall it clearly. I was standing on the stairway going up to my room and speaking with my dad, may he rest in peace. I said, "Dad, where will be in five years from now?" He responded, "Son, I don't know where we will be tomorrow."

His answer differed greatly from that offered by the guidance professionals. Looking back more than 4 decades later I realize that Dad was right. We simply do not know what will happen tomorrow. 

Look at investments. People invested millions in shopping malls, but now with on-line shopping malls have taken a huge dip. Who could have foreseen this? The list of "can't miss" investments that went down the drain could fill many books. As my dear father said, I can't tell you what will be tomorrow.

The words of my father guide me in all aspects of life. And sometimes those words are that we simply cannot know the future but we must remain alert and attuned to all that is happening around us. Sometimes he would just look up and say, "I simply don't know". 

But yet he did know, he knew that life is filled with uncertainties. He was in the investment field and had his share of losses, he made his share of wrong educated guesses. 

This is the way I train and teach in Krav Maga. As much as violence has been around from the dawn of time there are always new developments. Situations change, weapons change, social norms and attitudes change, and sadly neighborhoods change for the worse. We cannot say what our neighborhood, or world, will look like in five years. But we must remain alert and vigilant. We cannot practice World War Two Combatives or train like Medieval knights. 

Our style, IKI Krav Maga, is constantly adjusting to the ever changing world we live. 

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