The Gift of Teaching
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 12, 2018, Colorado, USA

Champions martial arts, champions in the truest sense of the word, under the leadership and guidance of Todd Bradley.

I come from a long line of teachers and I cannot think of a more honorable profession. They say teachers change peoples lives, one at a time. But really teachers do more than that. 

Sometimes teachers impact others more than they realize. Sometimes a teacher changes one life that impacts many. Perhaps the kid whose life you changed for the better will one day find a cure for cancer. Perhaps the troubled adult that waked into your school is also a father, a son, a brother. When you help turn his life around you have impacted all those around him.

You have given his child a father, you have given his mother a son. You have have a positive impact upon several generations. Perhaps someday his grandson will be a leader, a motivator; you will have had a role in this. 

The rewards of your teaching cannot be measured in a single lifetime. 

The kind word of encouragement you offered to a struggling student, the opportunity you gave to an older man who lost his confidence, the warm welcome you gave to a young woman, hesitant to walk in the door. To you it may have seemed like nothing, common courtesy but you have impacted several lives. You may have saved a mother son relationship, a husband wife relationship, you may have given one the confidence to face a challenging work situation. 

The rewards of teaching are beyond measure, even in several lifetimes. 

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