The Tragedy of it All
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 12 2018, Israel 

Our goal is simple; to train as many instructors as possible, in as many countries as possible, to teach simple and effective Krav Maga self defense.
Our goal is for people to be safe.  

Our goal is to keep learning and improving our self defense ability.

With our certified instructors around the world and our Krav Maga On Line Distance program, we receive feedback from all the over the world. We find out what works and what needs improvement, we also discover new situations. We are constantly learning from real life cases. 

Today I received a video of a crime that took place in Bangalore, India. It was brutal and tragic. 

A young woman enters an ATM, it is just an ordinary day, just an ordinary cash withdrawal. Perhaps she was planning on having a fun day shopping, perhaps she was meeting with friends for coffee. 

She was not paying attention as a man entered while she was preoccupied. The man was not a professional athlete or criminal and did not even have his weapon ready, it was in his bag. 

The attack was not immediate; there were several stages leading up to the actual attack with the man pulled out a machete and starting hacking away at her. In the end of the video he takes her clothing to clean off his weapon. He is looking at this blood covered hands and apparently muttering something like, Stupid woman, look what you've done, now my hands are dirty and my machete has blood all over it, couldn't you just have given me what I wanted.

Sick bastard. 

I am told, "The guy was caught 11 months ago.  The lady survived with a fractured skull, paralyzed on her right side and the tip of her nose cut off by the machete. "

And I think of the tragedy of it all. 

We Krav Maga instructors are trying to help. But where is the response? Where are the students?

I travel half way across the world and if I am fortunate 30 people will show up for a Krav Maga seminar. And then when tragedy strikes, which it will, everyone will wonder what could have been done to prevent this horrible situation from happening.

I think of that woman in India; traumatized, half paralyzed, broken skull, damaged nose, a young woman and it pains me greatly.

And I call out to all of you and say Wake up before this happens to you or a loved one. Do not wait until your life is ruined. 

At this moment, right now, you still have hope. Grab that opportunity now.

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