The Heart of Krav Maga 
by Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 9, 2015, Traverse City, Michigan

Life is not a movie. 

If it were then all war heroes would look like Hollywood stars; tall, well built muscular men. Reality however is quite different. Often the muscle guys are covered, carried and cared for by skinny short guys.

Sometimes it is all about heart.

Yesterday I was teaching a Krav Maga seminar in Grand Rapids Michigan. We were working on techniques for hostage situations, how to deal with armed terrorists aboard a passenger plane. And then I felt the need to tell a story.

As always it was a story from the heart, it it the reason I teach Krav Maga, it comes from the soul. It is the heart and soul that goes into real life self-defense.

And then something amazing happened.

Students came over and said the story deeply affected them. There was no comparison of their technique before the story and after the story. The heart of the practitioner changes everything. 

Krav Maga, fighting, warfare, is not only muscle, and it is not only technique, what you feel inside affects the way you do the technique.

It is not a matter of overcoming fear, it is not a matter of just being aggressive, it is not a matter of not caring whether you live or die. It is something else, something that comes from deep inside, from out history, our culture, our experience. It is the heart of a true warrior, not a killer, not a Spartan, not an MMA sports fighter, not a thug, but a true warrior.

This heart is not something you can buy on a DVD. You can learn it by experiencing it through someone who has lived it. That is why you need a true teacher. You can learn it by traveling through Israel and learning our history. It cannot be taught but it can be experienced.

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