They Will Get Used to It
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 15, 2018, Israel

An airline launches a new series of long awaited planes. The customers are excited but are soon to be disappointed. The new planes are crammed with too many seats. Toilets have been removed to make room for more seats. Everything is profit driven.

A meeting is called. The important frequent flyers are invited to voice their complaints. These guys have clout, or so they think. The high and mighty of the airlines are there, top executives and even the engineer behind the design of the new plane. Only the first of the new line of planes are ready, there is still time to make changes on the remaining aircraft.

Will a change take place?

The customers voice their complaints clearly articulating their concerns; not enough leg room, tight space, only thin people can fit in the new seats, not enough toilets. 

A dear friend of mine is at the meeting. He makes note of every word. Finally a verdict is reached. The man in charge, the one who designed these new aircraft, is not very pleased with the charges against his new dream planes. He answers softly, "They will get used to it".

That is it; all the complaints, the valid concerns, the logical arguments for change, but no. The boss makes the decision; nothing will be changed. As for the people? the customers? The passengers? They will get used to it

When I heard these words it hit me. This is how evil takes over, this is exactly how Hitler came to power. 

Hitler? How can I compare the airline executive decision to Nazi Germany? Where is the connection?

Those in power have little respect for the little guy. I have heard it again and again, they will get used to it. When the ballpark decides to put three less peanuts in each package? The customers will get used to it and soon will swear that this is how it has always been. Who will stop buying the peanuts at the ball park over 3 missing peanuts.

And so it is, little by little our freedom is taken away, and we gradually get used to it. 

Hitler never came out and said we are going to kill all the Jews. No, the good people of Germany would never have put up with this. Hitler knew that. He could not get away with that. But he also knew that when freedom is taken away a little at a time, people get used to it. 

When people stand up and protest, it does have an effect. When the German people protested against the "Mercy killings" of mentally retarded German citizens and slow people, Hitler gave in and stopped the killings. During Kristallnacht the damage and the violence was too public, this upset the German people. Hitler decided never to do this again, and he never did. He never allowed such a public display of hatred in Germany itself, the protests of the people had an impact. 

The clever way to control people is to take away their freedom a little at a time. Saying "They will get used to it" is the height of demeaning disrespect. But all it takes for good people to stand up and say I will not take this anymore! I protest your attitude and I will not get used to it. 

Yes, it starts with taking away some leg room, a toilet. And then the government can impose a "small" tax that people will hardly notice. Freedom is taken away a little at a time and people get used to it, until it is too late.

One robbery takes place, and we accept it. Soon there are more and the mayor of the town says, Such is life in a big city, there will always be some robberies. It can't be stopped. There are cities in the world with no terrorism, practically no crime but in London the mayor tells the people that Islamic terrorism is something they must adjust to, as it is normal in a big city. Classic demeaning attitude towards the population with the attitude that whatever we throw at them, they will get used it.

Never has a more demeaning insulting statement been made. This is utter contempt for the population that you should be serving. Our attitude must be a very loud and clear - We shall not get used to this.

And this my friends is how you stop a dictator before things get out of hand. 

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