Tiers of Defense
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 23, 2017, community of Glen hazel, South Africa

Walking to synagogue on Shabbat with IKI instructor Anthony he points out the tiers of defense for the Jewish institutions. Yes, Jews are always targets. I spot the first line of defense, a tough looking guy on the look out, at least 1,000 meters before we reach the synagogue. Good. 

There are also regular armed patrols in jeeps. Good.

Next I see a group of Jewish men, they are here to spot who belongs and who might not belong. Later on there is a metal gate and then a stone block to prevent the all too frequent car ramming and running over people attack. Then we reach the synagogue, very low profile, well hidden, there is a metal gate, barbed wire and a security guard. We enter.

That was all good and wise and necessary but sadly not enough. The last two tiers of defense are missing. 

I enter the synagogue and thankfully see a full house. It is always wonderful to see a synagogue full of Jews praying. So many enemies have tried to eliminate this phenomenon from the world. But I wonder; what if God forbid an attacker with a weapon entered this house of worship, would the worshipers have a team plan of defense? Do they know how to work as a team to combat terrorism? Can they function like a police unit?

I doubt it. 

Next level: The individual.

When the individual finds himself separated from the group, facing a violent attacker alone. Looking at a knife, a gun, a machete, an ax, does this individual know what to do?

We, individuals, are the last line of defense. We need our personal protection, our Krav Maga; sometimes we will stand alone. We must be prepared. We are the final tier of defense.