To Choose or Not to Choose
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav international 

April 27, 2020, Israel

In some martial arts school a student is expected to be "In all the way". In other words, this is his new life and everything else must take a secondary role. For some this is a perfect solution. The dojo/training hall becomes their life and family and way of life, nothing else matters. For some this works well. Certainly if you wish to make a career of martial arts one can understand this approach. Such a student is a delight and a treasure for any instructor.  But this path is not suited for most students, even if they wish to follow it. 

The reality is that most people have complicated lives. They have to balance many things, school, work, family, social and religious activities. As much as they want they cannot train like the legendary Shaolin monks. Should a student have to choose between martial arts excellence and other elements in their lives? Should they have to choose between family and the dojo? Is that what it takes to succeed?

In some systems that is indeed the case. Total devotion, being "totally In", is the only way to reach the top. If you want to go for the Gold, that is what is required. 

I believe one should not have to choose. A system should be simple enough that an average person can excel without having to choose between his martial arts training and other elements in his life. In some systems you have to choose, and in other systems you do not have to choose. 

My goal with Israeli Krav International is that you should be able to master the system while training twice per week. My goal is that you should not have to choose. Yes, I want a commitment, no, I don't want to hear new excuses every week why you missed class but I do understand that five days, or seven days per week is not realistic for most people. 

That is why our slogan is: Easy to learn, easy to apply in many situations, easy to remember. So that you should be able to use the system effectively when you need it and be able to have a life outside of training. Balance!

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