Today Tomorrow Yesterday
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 22, 2016, Israel

The dance, people lose themselves in the dance, for some it is physical, for some it is musical, for some it is spiritual, for some it is all of the above in one movement.

Some dance for the heavens, some dance for the earth. Some dance for the other and some dance for themselves. Each of us has his own dance through life, in whatever form that takes.

Live like no one is watching, dance like no one cares.

Some live in the moment, some live in thought. Some live for today while others live for tomorrow and yet others live for the past.

Some delve deep into the mysteries of the past: The Romans, the Bible, the dinosaurs. Others live in the future: Hi tech and things that fly at the speed of time. Some live on earth while others live in the sky studying the secrets of space while others study the underwater life. 

Welcome to your life, welcome to your day. Some live in today, some live for today.

One man may be bound to the traditions of his people, refusing to budge an iota. His life mission is to preserve the past. Another man lives for today, for himself, for his own happiness.

One man carries his past with him like a heavy burden while another frees himself of any excess baggage, not caring for what came before. One has roots, one has wings.

Live to remember, live to forget, and the sun rises and a new day is born. As long as you have the gift of life that day belongs to you.

Take it easy, catch you later on down the trail...