Tomorrow Today
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 17, 2017, Israel

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Growing up in Israel I recall a wonderful song. And sometimes the party is over...lights go off.

Sometimes we all go through this, it seems like the party is over.

But the song continues, wake up in the morning and start from Bereshith, Genesis, we being from the Beginning. Just as God created the world, we wake up in the morning and recreate our world.

"Get up tomorrow morning and start from Bereshith (Genesis) with a new song in the heart 
To sing it with force, to sing it in pain 
To hear flutes in the free wind 
And start from the beginning. "

I grew up with this message.

I was surrounded by Holocaust survivors, with numbers tattooed on their arms, and they lived this song, they woke up and started a new life, to wake up in the morning and start from the beginning, from Bereshith, to wake up with a new song in your heart, to never give up.

Sing it with Force. When we are in pain, when we feel like giving up, wake up in the morning and sing it with force, shout it out load, Today is a new day and today I begin my rise to the top. Never give up.

I grew up with people who refused to give up. War after war, sending the sons off to battle, fathers dusting off their old uniforms and going back to the front, never giving up.

So sometimes it feels like all is lost, the party is over and in the darkness it is difficult to find your way, so you wake up in the morning and you begin with Bereshith, the new Beginning, hear the music playing in the wind.

I have seen people sleeping in their cars, but still not giving up on their dreams, to be a musician, or to be a successful martial arts school owner. Some of these people are now very successful school owners, living the dream. Living their dream. And it is difficult to imagine that just a few short years ago they were ready to give up, almost. It seemed as if the dream slipped away, the phone stopped ringing, the party was over. But they woke up the next day and continued. They heard the music playing freely in the wind and a new song entered their hearts.

When times get tough, the tough get going. Never give up. We begin....

The sun will rise tomorrow and we will wake up, and sing our song, with pain, with joy, with a full heart. 

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