Training More than Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 23, 2019, Israel

We all love the feeing of a good workout. You walk out and you feel you really did something. You pushed yourself to the limit, you pushed your body to the limit. 

But it is not enough. 

It is not enough to train hard, you need to train smart. 

When it comes to self defense you need to understand your goals. The goal of self defense is survival. This is not achieved only with the physical. 

If you are running and suddenly you hit a cross road and you need to stop and wait, this presents a problem, you don't want your heartrate to go now. You need to find a way to run in place or some other means to prevent your workout from being interrupted. But self defense is far more than the physical.

Understanding the nature of violence, the different cultures of violence, even the laws and legal ramifications of violence, are just as important as being in top shape physically. Being in top physical shape but not having the techniques, the tools, to handle a knife attack, will only get you killed faster. How many boxers have fallen to the knife?

No army goes to war without having an up to date photograph of the area of expected combat, no army goes to war without a study of the enemy. 

When War World Two began the Americans put together a team of expert psychologists to try and understand the workings of Hitler's brain. This is more important than doing more pushups. 

Krav Maga is not a fitness workout, Krav Maga is not a place to prove how tough you are. Krav Maga is a place to learn how to arrive home safely. We cover understanding the environment, understanding the nature and culture of crime, understanding how to expect the unexpected, how to survive the chaos of real violence. We also train to control ourselves, to avoid unnecessary fights and not to end up in jail for what we perceive as self defense. We are not training out of control brutes, we are training sensible people in the art of self defense. 

What we aim for is a total package, including the physical, that will get you home safely. Our classes are not competitions to show who is more badass than the other, our classes are places of cooperation between people seeking the same goal. Your training partner is not your enemy, he is your partner. Like a proper army our training includes the physical, technical and psychological.

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