Tramps and Thieves
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International 

September 7 2017, California

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In this ever changing world in which we live in....Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney)

The world is changing. Probably at no point in history has the world changed this fast. And with all the new technologies and hi tech developments we face dangers on a scale we have never faced before. 

Things change. There was a time when traveling by ship meant the possibility of pirates, and travel by land meant a likelihood of facing robbers along the way. While those dangers still exist they are no longer major concerns. 

There are diseases we have cured and no longer fear but new diseases pop up all the time. We must be prepared, always, in this ever changing world in which we live.

Krav Maga is not a fitness program, it is a self protection program, and as such a true Krav Maga instructor must be aware of all the dangers out there. While we teach students what to do if an armed robber approaches you on the street, why do we ignore the cyberspace robber who can cause far more damage? You might have $80 in your pocket but $80,000 in your bank account. So all the tough "cool" Krav Maga instructors are leading you through bad ass workouts but ignoring the cyberspace thief who could ruin your life. 

I heard that a few years ago over 4.5 Billion dollars was stolen each year over the internet just in the USA. Today it must be far worse. I have seen estimates that are beyond imagination and the thieves are only getting more sophisticated. I am not an expert on these scams but I am trying to learn more. Social media is a very dangerous place, all sorts of enticing false links can give away valuable information to criminals. Often it is very difficult to know what is real and what is a trick. We must be super careful. We must study this crime and find methods of self defense. 

While in the past there were many petty street criminals and little scams, over time things change. Mobs and gangs, organized crime, corruption at the highest levels. Today your on line accounts, your credit card, everything in your "cloud", even your personal identity is in danger. Someone out there is trying to hack into your account and steal your information. 

We still train for the street thug with a knife or even a gun but honestly these are the least of our troubles. Even the mobs have gone online. It is so much easier to steal your money anonymously via the internet than to plan the next great bank heist. The days of the get away car may be gone but to trace the money on line is much more challenging than chasing a car. 

As the dangers change so must our training. Thus we at IKI are always evolving but our goal remains the same...get home safe and find that everything is as it was. New and unexpected dangers keep emerging and we must be prepared.

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