Truth or Not
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 20, 2015, Israel

There are subjective truths. I think chocolate ice cream tastes best, you think it is vanilla.

There are disputes about history, did the Jews at Masada really commit mass suicide or not? As archaeologist Yigael Yadin said, "There are things we will never know". In each scholarly journal our historians and archaeologists will debate; who were the Essenes? What really happened at Masada? Did Josephus write the truth?

On these topics there can be a debate. And on these topics we can acknowledge that perhaps we are wrong. After all what if we were wrong about the Sadducees and the Essenes? Would anyone today be in danger?

Other than a few very passionate historians I think we are all safe on that one.

But what about counter-terrorism? What about the correct choice of firearms or Krav Maga? What if were are wrong on that topic?

I am passionate about Krav Maga, actually that is not true. I am passionate about human beings. I want people to be safe. So this is not about martial arts, this is not about Krav Maga and this is certainly not about an individual named Moshe Katz, who happens to be me.

This is about a six year old boy who moved to Israel and found out the world tried to destroy him. This is about a new immigrant to Israel who saw signs saying "Danger, Mine fields!" because only a couple of months earlier all the Arab nations attacked Israel. This is about a 7th grade boy whose education was interrupted because on our holy day our Arab neighbors attacked us with the goal of finishing what the Nazis started. This is about a young man who saw his brother go off to war. This is about an older man who sees his children and nephews go off to war. This is about caring.

So I am passionate about self-defense, about people getting home safely. And on this I cannot compromise.

Now, in polite conversation it is always, "Yes, you are correct as well, sure, you have a valid point." Certainly so in our own troubled times where people live in fear of being labeled "Politically incorrect" or even worse "racist".

So we cannot disagree with anyone. And so it is with styles and forms of martial arts, Krav Maga etc. No one can say anything negative. And seldom is heard a disparaging word...

All styles of Krav Maga are equally valid, all martial arts have something to offer etc etc etc

But what if you want to say the truth? What if saving people's lives is more important than "being nice at the discussion table"? What if you don't really give a damn about insulting people because you are too concerned about saving their lives?

What do you do? Personally I speak the truth.

On the pages of this website, the written word, I will never say a negative or insulting word about any martial arts style or instructor. I will not expose the poor and unqualified teachers, but in person?

In person, if you are my student, or if you come to me sincerely for advice, I will speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And when  did that become a bad thing?

If I feel a style is worse than useless I will say just that. Some "more polite" types will raise an eyebrow and look at me as if to say, "Moshe! my goodness, I did not expect you to speak this way."

Really? What did you expect? for me to validate and endorse a style that I consider harmful, just so I can be seen as "so 2015" and so polite?

Not happening. I will do my best to refrain from openly insulting anyone or offending anyone but I will speak the truth as I know it.

As long as I shall live I shall speak the truth, (as said Jan Karski).