Twenty Five Years
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 15, 2015, Israel

Twenty five years ago my niece was born. Twenty Five years, that is a quarter of a century, a landmark.

When I returned to Israel in January 1990 my dear mother (may she live to 120 years) and my dear father of blessed memory met me at the airport. My sister in law was pregnant with my niece, my first niece. I remember that moment.

Twenty five years. What have I done with that time?

I had trained in the USA at the Kyokushin Oyama school of Karate. Among the Japanese that was known as the "real though killer Karate". I chose it because it was the most challenging school I could find in New York, I was not looking for the easy path.

In New York I enrolled in college and asked my adviser for the most difficult program they had, yep, a little crazy perhaps.

So I was studying Finance and Economics, working on Wall Street, training at the Oyama dojo five days per week at least and studying Talmud at the renowned Chaim Berlin Yeshiva. What full days I had.

My time at the Oyama dojo was well spent. I had the privilege of training each morning, after the regular class, with the uchi deshi, the apprentice instructors who came from Japan to train with our teacher. School of hard knocks.

When I returned to Israel I was looking for the same kind of school, I wanted the real deal, I wanted to pay my dues.

My friend Alon from Memphis, Tennessee, a former world champion power lifter, said the only place to go was Itay Gil. I took his advice, I spent the next eighteen years there. If you find something good; you stick with it.

Twenty five years ago today my niece was born, time to reflect on life. What the hell did I do with my time?

What I did is become a world expert in self-defense, why? because I give a damn. Why? Because I am sick and tired of seeing good decent people living in fear. I have not solved the problem but I have certainly contributed to the solution.

Twenty five years. I studied karate, boxing, judo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jujitsu, pressure points, Thai boxing and....much more.

I have not rested, I have not taken it easy.

I wrote a book, I wrote perhaps over a thousand blogs, articles, editorials. I have been interviewed all over the world. I've had a special segment about me on Slovak TV, featured newspaper articles. I am not saying this to boast but to say I have given it my all to make a difference. The Karate Kid from the Los Angeles Jewish Defense League has seen the world.

And I am not done, far from it.

My training comes from my pain, and from my love. Pain from our suffering, the endless suffering of the Jewish people, and love for all decent people. The pain never ends and the self examination never ends.

Twenty five years ago today my niece was born and when a child is born we make a promise. I promise you that I will do all in my power to make this world a better place.

The world has become more dangerous, more brutal and more corrupt but I keep my promise. When a child is born into this world we look at their sweet innocent eyes and say...You have no idea what you have just been brought into but I will do my best to make it a little safer, a little better.

I am keeping my promise.

Are you keeping yours?

Moshe in Slovakia, training the police force.

Moshe teaching in Morelia, Mexico.

Israeli Krav International, we stand for what is right.