Unimpressive Reality
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 17, 2017, El Al, Tel Aviv, Israel - Frankfurt, Germany

Sitting on the plane I was thinking of a theme for the upcoming seminar in Germany. A thought popped into my head, The Unimpressive Reality of self defense and Combat.

It is wonderful to see heroes on the big screen. They are perfect, they do not make mistakes. They jump off of horses, they hit every target, their martial arts are the embodiment of perfection. But we are not. We live here, on earth, not on the silver screen.

Our Krav Maga is a no frills flight; no stunts, no supernatural powers, no fantasy and no perfection.

There are martial arts films that create a false reality, i.e. pure fantasy that is made to appear real. And there are films which are down to earth. Films like Rocky and the Karate Kid are not about supernatural fighting ability but about character; persistence, dedication, teacher-student relationships.

Daniel San bleeds, Rocky bleeds, we bleed. We do not catch bullets with our hands.

This is our lives; the unimpressive reality, the hurt, the pain, the blood.

We teach a system of self defense that is simple and straight forward, logical and intuitive. You do not need to be a super hero to excel. We offer no kungfoolary.

We do not leap over tall buildings, we do not defy gravity, we are not immune to pain.

We burn, we freeze, the only supernatural thing about us our soul, our spirit. My relatives who walked into the gas chambers of Auschwitz with their children rather than separate from them, were superheroes.

A nation that wanders the earth for 2,000 years and then comes home and speaks the same language, practices the same religion as its ancestors, that is a true Wonder.

Even Superman was an expression of two Jewish kids from Cleveland looking to create their own modern day Messiah.

Hope, faith is supernatural, the rest is Fantasy.