Universal Block Getting Hit
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 8, 2019, Vienna, Austria - Israel

I know what I will be working on in our next lesson, the IKI Universal Block. Now some may say, Geez...we worked on that one already, don't you have anything else to teach us? How about some new cool moves?

Save it for the movies.

During our recent seminar in Vienna, Austria we spent an entire seminar on the Universal Block. Yes, an entire full day seminar. 


I always fine tune the seminar, or the class, to the students present. I get a feel for the group and then adjust my plan. Sometimes I totally drop my plan and do something different. It all depends on the group.

So, this group had some beginners, totally new to Krav Maga, to self-defense. The group also included some veteran members, instructors who have been with us for a decade.

So why the Universal Block?

For the beginners this is essential; one simple block that is easy to learn and can defend us against many various different attacks. And for the advanced instructors and black belts? They were very pleased to review and refine this important IKI technique.

gain a deeper understanding

You see it is not about always learning something new at a seminar, it is about improving, refining, gaining a deeper understanding about a technique that may save your life. It is about improving what we are doing, not about being entertained. A true instructor, a true black belt, understands this and will not be making faces, "Oh, that again". 

Life will hit you hard, it is the basic defenses, the foundations, that will save you. An opponent may hit you hard in the face, you have to be prepared for this. And life will also hit you square in the face, you have to be prepared for this as well.

The Universal Block is a Foundation technique that will work on the street. But we must also equally develop life techniques, the hard spirit, the tough inner foundation to defend ourselves when life hits us hard. They are the same.

Over the years I have heard every type of story from our members; economic hardship, childhood abuse, betrayal in marriage, betrayal in business. I have seen the scars, emotional and physical. But these individuals have taken what life can dish out at them and are still here standing. This is what we train for, body and spirit. 

After our last class in Vienna, we entered the strassbahn, the trolley car. Near us sat two rather burley looking Eastern European men. They had been drinking and smoking. Suddenly they ran out of the car. Apparently, they had seen some Arab men with whom they had some issues.

Now I tried to imagine what kind of attack would take place. My guess is simple gross motor wide hook punches. These guys looked like simple workers, perhaps did a little boxing, but certainly not professional martial artists. The attacks would be powerful "haymaker" type punches, perhaps a straight punch to the face. 

So I am imagining the fear this will generate, and the pain, and I am trying to think of the best approach to this situation. I can think of no better solution than our Universal Block, a simple blocking technique that does not depend upon knowing the exact nature of the attack. Of course one must join us to learn this technique. I cannot teach techniques via words alone. You must get yourself on the mat with us. 

I look at real world situations, I see the violence and I work hard to find solutions for all of us, for the average person, for the guy on the street suddenly facing two drunks, stinking, laborers. 

Be ready.

Reality Report

From Australia to Austria, from United States to United Kingdom, we have received glowing reports from security professionals. People who fight for a living; security guards, bounty hunters, door men, etc, have reported using the IKI Universal Block on a regular basis. They credit this with keeping them free from harm. It works.

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