utopia krav maga

February 18, 2021, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, USA 

I taught a seminar in a place called, Utopia, Ontario. That is the only Utopia I know. But the concept of Utopian society has existed since time immemorial. From the Bible, to Plato, to Karl Marx, to the early Zionists, man has dreamed of a utopian society where all men would live in freedom and equality, where none shall walk in fear, where the lion and the sheep shall dwell together.

We have never come close to it.

The only place we can find such societies is, in the movies. Hollywood has created many perfect societies. And yet even there, not all is well. But this dream has not died, in lives on in many styles of martial arts. We call this the art of Kung Fu Lery, or, Kung Fool ery. We fool ourselves into believing that the acrobatics we see on late night Hong Kung Kung Fu films is the real deal. I too enjoy these, and I admire the actors, the chorographers and the stunt men. All are great professionals. They are professional entertainers. 

Krav Maga instructors should not be. We are not fitness models, we are not actors, we are not masters of the slight of hand. We do not have a "look", we come in all shapes and sizes. What we all should have is a Heart that cares for all people.

Fiction writers will continue to write about Utopia, philosophers too will have their say. But Krav Maga instructors should stay clear off this path. We must stick to the reality of crime and violence and the reality of imperfect beings trying to survive in a very imperfect world.

Actors can cover up their flaws, make up artists will make everyone look great but we, the true Krav Maga instructors, must stay within our non-perfect, non-utopian world. This is the world of the Painful Truth, as Hal would say.

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

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