wake up to reality 

January 1, 2021, Israel 

You open your eyes. This symbolizes that now you are awake, and with that comes an awareness that everything has changed, and remained the same. Some wake up to greet the glory of a new day, like a child waking up on his birthday knowing that today his parents will treat him special, that today will be filled with many gifts, special attention, a party, cake and a life full of cupcakes. 

But others wake up to realize that they are in the same bed they went to sleep in last night, with the same worries and trouble, the same pain.

When we wake up our fantasy world disappears. Open our eyes for the first time in the morning, and realizing that this is it, we can't go back to sleep, we are now awake, you can't pretend it has not happened. With the opening of your eyes you have left the fantasy world of your other existence, of your sleep. Slumber-land is gone, welcome to reality.

In the Fantastic Kingdom of Slumberland all was well. You were the knight in shining armor for a beautiful young maiden, you were the prince, the most charming young man in the kingdom, admired by all, you were a great warrior blessed with agility and wisdom. In Slumberland all your dreams came true, all your fantasies came true. 

In Slumberland all your loved ones were still alive; so many dear ones who have passed away; turns out it was all a misunderstanding! Such a terrible misunderstanding, the news was mistaken, and they still live!  You just had such wonderful conversations with them.

In Slumberland of course there are no diseases, no debts or mortgages, all men are reasonable and all conflicts can be resolved.

I woke up this morning and all was gone. I looked out this morning and the sun was gone  . This is what it means to be truly "Awoke". Reality sets in and the Real World is not the Fantasy Kingdom of Slumberland. We must face the music, I turned on some music to start my day, we must face reality, we cannot crawl back into bed and close our eyes.

So we wake up and all our old problems are still here, and we must face them. We must deal with the here and now, not the fantasy world, and this is the essence of IKI Krav Maga. In our style we do not magically sense that an attacker is behind us, turn around and grab their wrist, flip them over and do a perfect side kick, even in high-heels (not me of course). Our Krav Maga does not emerge from Fantasy Slumberland, but from the harsh reality of this world, this life. This is life with all its flaws, and beauty. This is us, with all our flaws and strengths.

Happy New Year everyone, let's make this a great year, as the Jewish mystics say, lets' take the shattered pieces and make something beautiful, the broken shells, the shattered souls, all the lonely people, let's make them whole again. Every day is a new begining, a new hope.

This is a song of hope. 

Hope rhymes with Pope, I dedicate this little song, this little blog, to our dear friend, Ryan Hope, may this be a year of health and happiness, of wholeness. 

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