War and Peace
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 20, 2019, Israel 

Many people read the Bible and find great inspiration. They enjoy the moral lessons and can benefit from them without having to take upon themselves the "total package of obligations" as outlined in the Hebrew Bible.

However they find certain sections repugnant and dismiss them as...some old outdated concepts. After all, the Bible was written a long time ago, so it does have some good ideas but come on, some of the ideas are simply universally recognized as totally incompatible with modern life.

Oh really?

Moshe is the most humble of men, he speaks with God, directly, face to face, like no other before or since, and yet he advocates violence. And yet there are times where violence is the only solution. Total violence; total obliteration of an enemy. It just does not fit with modern "Liberal" world viewpoint. Those are the sections that Bible believers should...cover up when decent folk come to visit. Let's not talk about those parts. 

But I shall. 

I shall speak because I believe it is the truth, an unalterable truth. The Bible was written by He who knows all men, surely the inventor knows his product. The Bible is the ultimate guide to the good and happy life for all people, but it also recognizes that some people are beyond salvation. Some people, like the generation of the flood, have "corrupted their ways upon the earth."

They cannot be helped. They cannot be changed. So let us not be na├»ve. 

The greatest self defense is to transform your enemy into a friend, but there are times, as the Bible points out, that this is not possible. There are cases that are hopeless, and then it is a fight to the finish, with no compromise. 

World War Two was such a case, but the war is not over.

The internet brings the hidden to light. Just a brief search and the haters are exposed, with all their lies and all their venom. It for this reason that we train, it is for this reason that we build armies. 

John Lennon spoke of a dream, imagine, but it is not so, and it shall not be so. Not in this era. The world shall not live as one for there are vile haters among us. Rabbi Kahane warned of this, he warned that during good times they keep a low profile, but they are waiting, they are biding their time, for the right climate.

When unemployment is high, when times are tough, they reappear in public. You cannot argue with them for they do not use the same logic. They are fighters for freedom, in their own eyes, Social Justice Warriors of some warped type. They are modern day Nazis, no different from those of the past.

Mark my words as Rabbi Wehl would tell us, make no mistake about it, they are coming for you. We have had our warning. In the past we ignored it, today we cannot. We know who they are.

The Bible warns us; there are some people with whom peace will never be possible, there will be times when our only option is to fight, for this we must be prepared. 

We pray for Peace, we build for peace, but there will be times when "Peace, Peace, but there is no peace". (Jeremiah the prophet of Israel)

For everything there is a season, for peace, and for war. Be ready, be prepared. There will be no further warning.

Krav Maga instructor Moshe Katz visiting Auschwitz, but many members of the family preceded him. For them it was a one way trip. 

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