We Are IKI
Israeli Krav International
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 15, 2018, Israel

Who are we?

What are we?

What are we all about and what makes us different?

For starters we are an international team of dedicated instructors. While our home is in Israel we are all over the world. We are ordinary people countering real world violence. We are military and police. We are police Combatives instructors. We are Special Forces. We are Bounty Hunters, prison guards, security guards, airline personal and security. We are VIP guards for baseball teams, celebrities and presidents. We are everyone.

But first and foremost is we are people who care. 

As I write someone near and dear to me is in the hospital. The image of a loved one covered with stab wounds keeps me going. I am never content. I will never be content, and here is a crucial factor of IKI.

I live the pain of thousands of years of suffering, the suffering of the Jewish people. Rather than turn that into hatred I turn it into caring for everyone, so that all may walk in peace. I take this painful experience and use it as energy to develop a system that works for all people.

I have a student, an older gentleman, a rabbi. I have students with disabilities. I have students who lack any natural sense of coordination. Our system is for them, for you and for me. 

I face the knife, the gun, the machete, in my mind. I see the brutality and the hatred in front of me. I stare the danger in the face and I ask myself, what can I do! What can I teach that will actually make a difference. 

What will work for a thin teenage girl? What will work for an older man?

When people ask me what I look for in an instructor my answer often surprises them. I answer them I am looking for love. I want you to look at your students and love them like your own children, because at that moment they are. 

It does not matter how old they are, what color or creed they come in, treat them as you would you own children. 

We do not teach a fight mentality. 

There is no place for ego in self defense. There is no place for "winning". I often see people wrestling on the ground, trying to get a grip on someone, trying to use this "technique" or that. After a few seconds I say, Stop! It is all over!

If the fight is going on for more than a few seconds it is most likely all over for you. Stop trying to roll with the guy when he has a knife in his hand. Stop trying to overpower him and do some TV or tournament technique. Stop trying to win. 

If you end the day at home, or even in the hospital in stable condition, you are the winner. Your trophy? You get to go home and play with your kids.

We do teach how to fight, of course, but the idea is to use this as a limited method to counter the immediate threat, if need be, and hopefully to gain some distance. 

We teach APC, Ability, Purpose, Circumstance, to determine how to respond after the initial defense. We do not want a "fight mentality" which would lead to engaging the person for too long. We always keep in mind our ultimate goal: Survival. Beating the guy up and teaching him a lesson is not part of our agenda. Yes, we all feel that urge but our logic and common sense must over come our ego and desire for revenge. 

Remember, there is someone at home waiting for you.

Who are we? We are a team of experienced instructors world wide who have one goal; your survival. We stick to this core goal, personal safety. This is what we do. 

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