Weapon Shock
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 7, 2017, Israel

Some people grow up guns and knives and other weapons. They are as toys and tools to them. The sight of weapons around the house does not faze them. Yet for others just the sight of a weapon will make them nervous.

For either group the stakes go way up as soon as that knife or gun is the hands of an assailant, on the street or in your home. For many even a training knife at one's throat is enough to get the heart beating. This is totally natural and is a healthy response.

At IKI we acknowledge and accept this. This is our starting point. We do not assume you will "overcome fear" or "Know fear"; fear is a reality. 

We try to create a feeling of working with the fear and anxiety, not against it. The very sight of a knife or gun will change how your body functions, we accept that and work with that. We do not try to override your system but rather we work with it.

Precise movements that can barely be performed by most people in calm situations are out. We accept reality and take it from there.

Thus even if a situation is only slightly different and even if it uses the same defensive moves, we still feel a need to teach it. Knowing the technique is not enough, one must "feel" the nervousness that comes from each situation. Never assume "I know the technique, I can apply it easily". This is not necessarily true. While the technique may be simple it still must be practiced, again and again, so that your body does not go into shock when that knife approaches your neck.

Every time there is a terrorist attacks dozens of people are hospitalized. Most of them are totally unharmed, physically. There are what we call "Trauma victims". Not a scratch will be found upon them. 

Our Krav Maga training is not only physical. Your mind is your greatest weapon.

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